How is this setup for Mog

From my laptop vi a wireworld usb to my peachtree dac/amp. Does a better laptop with faster processor or memory help me?? Any other recommendations?? I dont have many cd' one of the paid services is prob best.
"Does a better laptop with faster processor or memory help me?"

I don't think it does. Maybe if your PC is really lacking and is having trouble keeping up. People seem to be going with upgrades that make the computer more "quiet". SSD's, no fan, that type of thing. You can get some decent technical info off of Keep in mind, though, its much more computer than audiophile.
keep in mind that mog (while a terrific service)streams at 256-320k, which is not quite CD quality; even if you were to markedly upgrade your gear you're going to be limited by the quality of your source material. that said, your setup seems fine; you might experiment with adding an external power amp or different speakers and see how you like it.
purchased top of the line lsa statement speakers which are very nice..they retail for 2700 pair