How is the newest Audio Horizons 2.3 preamp?

How is the newest Audio Horizons 2.3 preamp? I have not seen many comments about the latest version. Thanks.
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The original Audio Horizons preamp thread was almost the mother of all threads (except of course for the CD Player Shootout in San Diego of course which seemed to last a generation).
Thanks in advance.
I was very close to ordering one...I went with a TRL Dude instead and couldn't be happier.
I own an AH TD 3.1 SVT and use it with a TRL Dude preamp. Never heard an AH preamp but their new DAC is just a wonderful piece of gear. Their new preamp is cut from the same fabric as my DAC so it most definately worth a listen. Would be really interesting to have a shoot-out between it and the Dude.
I have both the top model dac 3.1.svtv and the top model pre. The pre replaces my Lamm L2 reference....
AH make wonderful gear, next on the shopping list is the top model phonostage.
The top model phonostage is as stunning as the other products; now finally i have found a stage i am fully satisfied with.