How is the EAR 843P Deluxe vs. Modern phono preamps?

I have an opportunity to get a like-new one for a good price, but I'm wondering how this preamp is holding up against stuff in the $1000 price range of today?
Yep, It's a classic that benefits from an upgraded power cord, effective isolation, and expensive tubes. I've owned the MC/MM version for years. The MM section sounds better than the MC section. I got the best sound with my Dyna D3 (MC)  going through the MM stage using a Bob's Devices 3440 SUT.

My opinion is there is probably better sound to be had now with greater flexibility in stock mode.
@stevecham No. It was suppose to explain exactly what this tube phono sounds like. I believe I accomplished that very well. 
Well, thanks for that very informative and abrasive response invictus. Does you keyboard have tourettes? I had the 834p for years and found that it is not state of the art. I did do some mods including power cord, caps, resistors and some others I don't recall. The 834P sounded very good. I purchased a ASR phono pre which also makes music. The bottom line is that the 834P sounds great and has been around for many years. 
I think Invictus means that this is not a resolving design but more warm and musical - old school tube sound. More like mashed potatoes than tomato soup?
God knows why anyone would want something musical???  Wait this is a vinyl forum???  I am really confused now!!!

Enjoy the ride