How is Supratek Chardonnay compared to Cary SPL-98

I am currenly using a PrimaLuna Prologue 3, McCormack DNA-1 and B&W CDM9NT speaker.
Cary SLP 98 is one of the highly praised preamp and is always on next list when i am ready to upgrade. Recently, I learned about Supratek and read the rave reviews. Anyone used both can share how they compared?
And how are these 2 compared to the Prologue 3 I am using? They are about double the price, I wondering if it is worth the difference.

It seems to me Supratek was not in business recently but have started manufacturing again. Cary has been in business for several years and seems steadier.

fwiw - something to consider...
Yes, this is one of my concern too. Since it is hand made, the quality control may varies. I am also afraid of getting hiss or hum. In the "deal of the century" thread, someone pointed out getting loud hum. By reading the reviews, i got an impression that Cary is great and I hardly seen any negative comment. The Supretak is a WOW, but the quality control is not as good
I love my Cary, I like the Supertak.
Not heard the Cary, always have been curious about it though.
I own a Chardonnay and love it. It is point to point wired inside, can't see how it would break down easily. The hum may have been a ground loop issue which can be common in any setup. I have compared mine to a high end Belles preamp and Modwright and kept the Supratek. I did have one problem. The plastic power button got a crack in it and I was not able to power it on. I sent an email to Supratek and I soon received a replacement power switch. Good to know they support them, and this was when the company "shut doors". I soldered it in and I was good to go. Do need to consider that they are in Australia so if something does go wrong, a local tech could fix or send it back which would be expensive.
I have upgraded the caps in the preamp section and power supply to go effect but now we are getting into DIY stuff and I know you are considering stock. The new Chardoneys are suppose to be based on their previous preamp a step up from it. So I'd bet it would be killer. From what I have read about the Cary it seems like it would be a warmer sounding preamp. The nice thing about the Supratek is it can be molded to your taste with different tubes, and it takes a wide range of types.
I owned the Supratek Syrah,which as I understand is similar in performance to the Chardonnay excepting that it has a phono stage.It replaced the Cary,in my system it was simply better a pre amp.
I've owned a Cary SLP98P for over 2 years now. With the right amp (Cary CAD 120's) there's no need to upgrade to the SLP 05, it's that good.
Thanks for all the replies.

Markwatkiss, which Cary model are you replacing with the Syrah?

And all the comments are true. I am concern on the warranty as well that I may need to ship back and forth. All these things contributes to one thing I notice. There is a bigger demand on the Cary and they are sold quite fast.