How is Rotel RCD-1520 CD player? Anyone owns one?

Is there anyone using the new series of Rotel RCD-1520? I believe the MSRP is $999. I believe there is a certain amount of discount available to talk about. Any comment or experience about this CD player. The Reviews on the internet are all tending to be positive about it. I am wondering for any user comments and exerperience about it. Thank you.
I don't own one but a dealer has it on display that I listened to about a month ago. It sounds very dynamic and detailed like the Campridge 840 except that it is more robust and has better bass, but not as bright as the 840.Sort of like the Bryston BCD-1, hard to tell them apart. I might consider getting one myself. It's between the Rotel 1520 and Bryston. Recently,the dealer said after about a month of breaking in that it is good enough to put in his main system. He said it might have the best combination of the Bryston BCD-1,Cambridge 840 c,and Rega Appolo all in one. But I guess we have to wait for more opinions from actual users. Stay tuned
I just finished burning mine in. I couldn't agree more with the comment about it being the best combination of the Bryston and Cambridge. I have never audtioned the Appolo but I did have the Cambridge in my home for a week and found it too bright. I auditioned the Bryston and liked it much better. I also had a Naim for a week but I like the Rotel RCD-1520 the best. It has more detail than the previous RCD-1072 and is much more open and smoother.

It received a 5 out of 5 in the first review I found...
Thank you for your both comments, which is really helpful.
I checked all the reviews on the internet about Rotel RCD-1072, which is a good and the most-wanted player in this price range. But it seems that 1072 is not as good as this new RCD-1520. I think price can also tell the difference.
This is my first CD player and I will use it till it gets down; so I will be carefully comparing all of players on the market. Since this player had just been released for about 2 month. So, I think there should be more comments being posted later on.

I owned the Rotel RCD-1072 for five years and loved it! The RCD-1520 is much better! The slot load drive doesn't scratch the disks like some car cd players do. It's very gentle and ejects the disk enough to grab it by the sides so you don't touch any of the data.

It sound great right out of the box but after 300 hours sounds even sweeter!

Hi Steve,

Your experience with both 1072 and current 1520 are very practical since you ever used one and are using 1520. Your point about the slot load drive is my concern too. I got the experience with Nakamichi Music Bank patented slot load drive which was very good, till the DVD machine broke down. So, I think both got similar quality. Thank you for your comment.
I have not heard the new 1520 but the Rega Apollo was better in every way to my 1072. Better imaging, soundstage, microdetail and sounded more musical and detailed in my A/B comparison.
I had just auditioned this 1520 player and the 15 series integrated amplifier today. This player is just like what Steve described couple days ago - there is no damage or scratch made as in or out of CD, eject CD out good enough, no touch to the data, smooth and solid. I asked the dealer, who said this CD player is just as good as its appearance, new design and quality sound. The only thing this player lacks is - balanced output. But, I think this player will be on my list.
I have heard the 1520. Own the 1072. I notice a little better from the 1520. A little better. Thing is I also own a Dac 1 Pre. With the 1072 and the Dac 1 Pre why buy another CDP till my 1072 dies? That last question is rhetorical folks!
Here is a review from the UK regarding the RCD-1520. It's a good review. My 1520 seems to have broken in more since I thought it was broken in. I am getting awesome detail and sound! Even my wife can hear the improvements! It's definitely better than the RCD-1070, which I owned for 5 years!
The Rotel 1520 is fantastic. My previous reference was a Pioneer Elite PD-59 transport to a DACMAGIC and it was most excellent and satisfied my ears for about 2 years. But the 1520 blows the doors off the DACMAGIC:

1. Superior (explosive) dynamics
2. Much more air and ambiance
3. Superior detail retrieval
4. Much deeper soundstage and better imaging.

I picked the Rotel up for $500 here at Audiogon: I stole it.