How is headphone amp in Ah Njoe Tjoeb cd 4000?

How is the built in headphone amp? Is it warm and tube like, or does it sound like a transistor amp? I live in a duplex, so I listen through headphones quite often. Thank you.
My advice is that if headphones are your primary transducers that you should save up some money and buy a good headphone amp. I bought a couple and sold one the one I kept became the subject of scandle but man it sounds good and I am keeping it.
It is OTL that uses 8060 out put tubes and a 6SN7 input I think solid state rectified. I have tweaked it with superior NOS tubes. It is a killer amp, my headphones are AKG 701s.
The discredited thief bad guy head phone amp builder is SinglePower. People adored this guy until he started ripping off people, his amps also had some safety issues, but at the end of the day, his amp sounds great, it really does. Too bad it has no resale value but I listen to my gear and don't use them as investments if I can avoid it. This did cost over a grand but he was still loved when I bought it.
Thanks Mechans. Ultimately I do want to get a tube headphone amp. Anybody have suggestions for headphone amp in the $500 range? Thanks.
I do not find the headphone amp in this player to be very good. I believe it is the stock op amp output originally from the Marantz. I don't think it is the tubed output. That said, I love my player. I have used the Bottlehead Crack and love it. The reviews are uniformly positive. You can make it yourself or pay them a small fee to make it for you. It is a fabulous sounding amp, especially with Sennheisers. I also use an OTL amp from Antique Sound Labs which is warm and sweet with my Senns. It will depend on the headphones you plan to use. Which ones? Those are the only amps I have used. You will find many opinions on amps both here and at
Thanks Tgrisham. I have an old pair of Sennheiser HD580's. I've never heard of Bottlehead Crack,[I love the name]. I will definitely look into them.