How international is your system?

I just realized that each of my components is from a different country (and they all seemingly get along fine!).

Wondering how international other people's systems are. Mine:

Scotland (turntable and cartridge)
Canada (phono pre)
England (CDP and tape deck)
New Zealand (integrated amp)
France (speakers)
Holland (ICs)
US (cables, cords)
French speakers, American amps, Japanese TT/phono/cart/arm (with Canadian arm as well), Canadian digital setup, American cables, French wife, Japanese room, Central Asian textile "acoustic treatments", Danish "ergonomics" (chair). Only the TT/arm purchased in country of origin.
That's pretty good, T bone! I hadn't thought about those other "components" such as spouse(s)! Taiwanese wife...
Amp / Preamp - GRAAF- Italy.
Record player - TW Acoustic Raven AC - Germany.
Arm - Graham Phantom/Hadcock 242 SE -USA & UK.
Cartridge - Transfiguration Temper V/Empire EDT9 - Japan & USA.
Phono preamp - Whest - UK.
CD player - Rega - UK.
Speakers - Proac Response 2 - UK
Stands - Audio Magic - Denmark
Power distributor - Furutech - Japan
Cables - Cardas/VH Audio/DH Labs/Supra - USA & Sweden.
Tubes-WE/Bendix/Amperex/Sovtek/RFT - USA, Holland, Russia and France.

A mixed crowd:-)

Things change!
Transport, DAC, Amp, Speakers, ICs, SCs, 1 PC-USA; PLC, 3-PCs-Canada; CDP-UK