How international is your system?

I just realized that each of my components is from a different country (and they all seemingly get along fine!).

Wondering how international other people's systems are. Mine:

Scotland (turntable and cartridge)
Canada (phono pre)
England (CDP and tape deck)
New Zealand (integrated amp)
France (speakers)
Holland (ICs)
US (cables, cords)
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it's not it's 100% American except for the tubes which are Russian made Svetlana's
amazing, but none of the listed items seem to be made in taiwan, china, malaysia, etc. Actually, the countries that most of you guys list, maybe where the product companies are located, but i think if you research it a little, most of these products are made in china.
Integrated amp: YBA France, MC amp: PS US, speakers: Acoustat US, Turntable: Oracle Canada, Tonearm: Magnepan US, Cartridge: Sumiko Japan, CDP: Teac China, ICs: homemade/Monster Canada, US, Tweaks: Canada. No China here except for the CDP.
Readster, my (not high end) CD Player was manufactured in China. To the best of my understanding, everything else in my system was manufactured or at the very least assembled in the specified country--though I could not confirm manufacturing location for the AudioQuest cables--anyone know?
Speakers, DAC, Transport and all Cables: USA. Power Amp: Canadian.