How international is your system?

I just realized that each of my components is from a different country (and they all seemingly get along fine!).

Wondering how international other people's systems are. Mine:

Scotland (turntable and cartridge)
Canada (phono pre)
England (CDP and tape deck)
New Zealand (integrated amp)
France (speakers)
Holland (ICs)
US (cables, cords)
I found it interesting that the backbone of my system is American made & the sources are foreign.

California-speakers & pre
Cables-most were made (not DIY) 5 miles from here (Virginia), one from Texas, other DIY parts from Texas & Wisconsin.

The international entries are:
British CDP.
Japanese cassette & tuner
I hadn't thought about this idea before, which reflects the same international manufacturing diversity as new cars (which have parts from everywhere). My own system breaks down:
Turntable and cartridge: U.S.
Tonearm: Great Britain
Phono preamp: Germany
DVD/CD player: Japan
CD dual-tray player/recorder: Japan
Television: Japan
S-VHS video tape deck: Japan
Pre/pro and power amps: Canada
All speakers: U.S.
Speaker cables and interconnects: U.S.
Headphones: Germany
Hmmm...decidely USA/Japan in both systems.

Main system:

Preamp/Amps: USA
CD Player: USA
Speakers: USA
Tuner: USA
CD-R recorder: USA
ICs/cables: USA/Japan (DIY...but raw materials from Japan)
DAT deck: Japan
DVD player: Japan
S-VHS VCR: Japan
Television: Japan

Bedroom system:

Receiver: USA
CD player: Japan
Speakers: USA
Headphones: Japan
Here goes,
Turntable: British
CD Player: Danish
Preamp: Japanese
Amp: American
Speakers: American
Wires: American

It's the UN of sound!
Maybe I should fly the Union Jack in front of my property since all my major components are from Scotland. I just dubed this setup HMS (His/Her Majesties Stereo).
CD - Norway
Tuner - Japan
Amp (Int.) - USA
Speakers - England (Soon to be France)
IC's - USA
Speaker cables - Japan
Everything, even all the tweaky stuff is NA. I thought because of the spelling Music Metre was UK, but no, its CA. Shouldn't it be Muzik Meterre?
'table: Britain
rack: Britain
speakers: Britain
power: Canada
tuner: Canada
phono pre:U.S.
preamp: U.S
cd: Holland/Japan
cables: U.S, Britain, Holland
My system is-

Made in the USA:
Speakers-Carolina Audio-North Carolina
DAC-Nixon-South Carolina
Cables-Carolina Audio-North Carolina
Tweaks-Symposium-New Jersey

Granite Slabs-Hibord-China
cdp and integrated- French
speakers- usa
ics and cables- usa
power conditioning- usa
racks,stands, tweaks- usa
tuner- japan
Here's mine:

TT and CD player - Scotland
Arm - England
Cart. - Denmark
Step-Up Tranny - England
Cassette Deck - Japan
Preamp/Tuner/Power Amp/Speakers/Cables - good ol' USA

CDP- Classe (canadian)
preamp- DR6 (canadian)
turntable- Rega (English)
cartridge- Dynavector (Japanese)
speakers- Paradigm (canadian)
Racks- CWD (american)
power amp- B&K (American)
Turntable and integrated amp: Britain
Tonearm: Japan
Cartridge: Denmark
Speakers: France
Line Conditioners: Canadian
Cabling: USA
DVD Player: Japan or Taiwan I'm guessing!
I can't tell who made ANY of my gear or where it was made. All of the name tags and serial numbers have been removed. That must be the reason why i keep getting such good deals from the guy down at the local Pawn Shop... : ) Sean
Well, quite varied!! I'm showing my Scottish birth by distinguishing Scotland from rest of UK. Looks like USA and Japan got the lion's share of the market, but an impressive array, nonetheless

OK, Lugnut, mum's the word!
Speakers: French
Amp: French
Cables: USA
Turntable: British
CD Player: Dutch
SACD Player: Dutch I think (Phillips)
DVD-A Player: Japan
mercury, venus, earth, mars, jupiter, saturn, neptune, uranus & pluto, not counting on the minor bits from various moons.

Turntable - UK
Tonearm - UK
Cart. - Japan
CD- California
Pre - Virginia
Amp - Virginia
Cables - Michigan
Tuner - Ontario, Canada
Speakers - France
is my system politically correct? hardly, origin countries sound suspiciously like a coalition force! nevertheless, I love how it sounds...

England-CD Player
American-Speakers & Cable
Cartridge - Germany
Turntable - Germany (Under Swiss license)
CD Player - USA
Tuner - Japan
Tapedeck - Japan
PreAmp - USA
Amp - USA
Speakers - UK
Cables - USA & UK
Receiver (2nd system) - Japan
CD Player - (2nd system) - USA
Speakers - (2nd system) - Canada
Interesting post and responses. Mine are

1. Japan (Cartridge; SACD player)

2. Sweden (CD transport)

3. France (preamp)

4. UK (upsampler, tape deck, some tubes)

5. US (turntable, arm, phono stage, DAC, mods to SACD player, tuner, amps, speakers, most cables, power conditioning, isolation tweaks)

6. Netherlands (Siltech cables, some tubes)

7. Germany (tubes)
Decidedly European with international flavour added to taste...

Turntable - mothballed : (
CD Transport - French
DAC - French
Universal Player - Japanese (tweaked by a Californian)
PreAmp - English
PowerAmp - English
Speakers - English
All Cables - American
Tweaks - American
Rack - Danish
Granite Slabs - Indian
Software - from all over the world
Room - currently in Singapore !
Wierd, everything BUT the electronics is U.S.: (cables, 5 speakers, stands, tweaks, cones, shelves, power conditioning, power cords, etc.).

ALL the electronics, however, are from abroad:
CDPs: UK and Japan a la Dutch
Pre: New Zealand
Amp: Canada
DVD and HT Receiver: Japan
Cans: Germany

I guess, in honesty, I must confess a US headphone amp and two "backup" preamps (really aught to sell those) -- so there's 'Merkin made electronics about, just not seeing active duty.
Here goes ... using "country" as country of manufacture ...

System #1: Amp (UK); SACD (Japan); Speakers (USA); Tuner/Vintage Receiver (Japan); Cables (USA).

System #2: Amp (China); CDP (Japan); Tuner (China); DVD (Japan); TV (Indonesia); Speakers (USA); Cables (USA).

System #3: Vintage Receiver (Japan); CDP (China); Speakers (USA); Cables (USA).

Amazing how much equipment is coming out of China.

Regards, Rich
Phono Step-up Transformer
All Cables
Speaker Cabinets

Speaker Drivers

AC Cords - American

IC's - American

Conditioner - American

Int. Amp - American

CDP - China/Canada

Tuner - Japan

Wires- Scandinavian/American

Drivers - Scandinavian

X-Overs - American

Where is MDF Grown?

Stands - 'Mercan Steel + Sand

Rack - 'Mercan Steel/Canadian Maple

Tweeks - American/Japanese/American
Speakers - Austria
Subwoofers - Denmark
Preamplifier - Denmark
Amplfiers - USA
Cables - DIY from components made in USA
In my first post, I forgot to include my office system, which has a rather different flavor than the home system. Here's the office system:
Source: Japan (TEAC Reference CD player)
Amplification: Norway (Tandberg Troll integrated)
Speakers: Australia (Krix Equinox)
Tuner: Japan (Sansui analog)
Interconnects and speaker cable: U.S.
Picking up on what someone above said about cars, it seems that audio gear is much more "international" than just about any other consumer products. Of course, if we looked at the "Made In..." fine print, we might come to a different conclusion.
cdp - Netherlands/Japan, UK
amplifier - UK and New Zealand
Turntable - UK
Cartridge - Denmark and UK
Speakers - Canadian and UK
Cables - US, UK, Germany
DVD - Netherlands
TV - Netherlands
Preamp - UK
Headphones - Germany and Netherlands
Tape Deck - Japan
Interesting..I thought the best speakers are British. I better pay some attention the the French. Hey folks, what French speakers do you own....balanced opinions are welcome.

Okay, lets see.......

Amp: american (McIntosh)
CD Player: Fench (Audio Aero)
Speakers: Originally (I think) american, but lots of Italien Referances (Acoustat)
Receiver:American(Vintage Fisher)
DVD Player:Japanese...I think(Marantz)
Home Theatre Projector...American(?) Dukane
Satellite Receiver...I dunno:Dishnetwork sent it to me.....
How about :
Japan CEC TL2
UK Meridien 566DAC
Singapore Diva Pre/power amp
US Vandersteen 2CE Sig & Herron Audio VTPH1mc
Slovenia Kuzma Stabi
Germany Schroeder model 2
NZ Dynavector Te Kaitora
power amp: American
pre: British
cables: American
cdp: British
Speakrers: American
DVD/SACD: Japanese
Headphone: German

Me : Polish :)
Amp: Canadian (Blue Circle CS Integrated)
CD Player: British (Roksan Kandy)
Cables: American (Straightwire Stage and MAS Grey)
Stands: Canadian (Energy)
Speakers: Canadian (Axiom M3ti)
All American except:
Cartridge - Japan
CDP - British
Tuner - British
Headphone Amp - British
Headphones - German
Amp: American
Preamp: American
Phono: American
Cables: American
Turntable: American
Speakers: American
Stands: American
Isolation Devices: American
Cartridge: Japan
CD player: Japan
It is fascinating that we all seem to have one or another bias.

My bias is not not a "conscious" factor in selection of gear but appears to lean heavily towards (North) American and English speaking with counterpoint from Germany and Japan.

If we started checking the countries of assembly of components and of origin of individual electronic parts, inside of our gear, I bet we would see heavy representation of Taiwan, China, Mexico.

Speakers: Canada
Amps: Great Britain
Preamp: USA
Phono preamp: USA
FM Tuner: USA
Turntable: Japan
Cartridge: Germany
CD Player: Japan
Turntable - Italy
Tonearm - Britain
Cartridge - Switzerland
Phono & Pre - USA
Amps - Germany
Speakers - USA
Cables - USA & Germany
American speakers
Japanese CDP
Afghan receiver.

I don't know where the receiver was made, but it seems to be third world!
Cloudgif... yes, I'm sure you're right! It's like the so-called European Airbus airliners that are actually composed of parts, including US engines, from all over the world (Korean fuselage, so I'm told). Same with our cars, I'm sure.
Amp: Taiwan, English design (or so they say.....)
Phono-pre: see above
Turntable: Switzerland
Arm: USA
Cartridge: Denmark (guess what?)
Speakers: UK
CD: Japan
Tuner: Japan
Cassette: Japan
And then there are some various bits and pieces from all over the world. Considering the state of the world today it's some sort of miracle that it produces music at all.....