How important is upgraded power cords for FM tuner

Just purchased a Meridian 504 digital tuner. It came with 18/3 power cord. I have a larger shielded 14/3 factory power cord that came with my ByBee power conditioner.Is it worth upgrading to a high quality power cord ie..Electraglide,BMI,or other audiophile cord? Any suggestions welcome!! Thanks, Steve
Bob Crump Assylum cord will do the trick.You will spend 5/10 times more to = it.
Best to listen for yourself and find out.
As stated already, you will have to listen and see what makes a difference. With my MD102 I found that the cord does make a difference. Also found that the "balanced" outs performed better. The greatest improvement was connecting it to a balanced output power conditioner. Of course a directional antenna above the roof line will do wonders for performance too. Good luck!
Used a Virtual Dynamics Audition PC on my Magnum Dynalab Etude and the results were staggering! I would definitely look into the PC's. I've looked around for a while and decided to use Rick's PC's at Virtual Dynamics.
Give him a call, the number's on the website