How important is the digital cable between the player and your clock ?

I understand the importance of cables in a system.....but generally speaking, is the cable between a cd / scad player and an external clock an important link ? I will assume the answer is yes.....but how and why ? I would like to hear from enthusiasts who own especially own Esoteric gear with clocks. I am looking to upgrade this cable and was questioning on what sonic impact this cable would have the overall sound. Thank you in advance.       
garebear there is nobody out there using a digital cable between their player and clock ???? Wow .....I must have missed something here in audio world ???
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In short, yes, it's very important to get a good 75-ohm certified cable on the link between a player or transport and (if applicable) DAC and your clock.  That stated, you don't have to break the bank to do so but spending a bit more is definitely justified based upon what I've heard as I've tried these cables from several manufacturers.  I'm happy to talk in more detail offline however suffice it to say that when I went into the upper-end 75-ohm cable realm, I was rewarded with a bit more accurate timing/pacing, frequency rendering and sound-staging.

Hello Zephyr - my system for the most part is very close to the top end Purist Audio / mixed with top of the line Cardas. I listened to a few digital cables and  -  was surprised to hear that they did make a difference. This digital cable will be going between my Esoteric CD player and an Esoteric clock. I ended up going  with a PAD Dominus Luminista ( BNC connection ) from an older although good, Purist digital cable that it actually did make a sonic difference in the system. 

So even on a clock it was noticeable and that was question..... However that cable was $1,700 which is not cheap. I was now wondering as it is only about 4 weeks old  -  if there is an auditable break in period on that cable as it is feeding bits and not an audio signal ??....hmmmm don't know.    

In a word yes, it matters tremendously. I need 3 such BNC 75 ohm cables in my DCS Paganini stack and upgrading to Transparent Reference XL made a big difference. Previously I had used AudioQuest Eagle eye. At nearly $3k a cable this is not cheap but most regard this transparent series as top of the heap on digital interconnects

also the power cord to the clock makes a big difference if you haven't already upgraded that
.......thanks folkfreak ...and you are right. I also liked Siltech when I owned the DCS gear. Wonderful equipment .....and sometimes once you get in you can't go back on these cables as you have soo much invested in them. I have the Purist Audio Limited Edition power cord on my clock and that too made a difference.....  
Garebear: Thank you for the additional details and 'Yes',...based upon several iterations of cables over the years, I believe that break-in for pure digital cables does matter and has to be undertaken.  The only exception (IMHO) is fiber optic (AT&T std) and TOSLINK.  SPDIF, AES/EBU and clocking cables all have seemed to benefit quite a bit from it in my system.