How important is powercord synergy?

I understand the importance of system synergy as it relates to interconnects and speaker cable. Is matching the PC to the system as important or is just "clean" power all we're trying to achieve. I'm in the process of slowly upgrading my system and have been holding off with buying new cables until I have all the new components. My PC is Monster Cable which runs through a cheap power strip / surge protector. I'd like to upgrade sooner rather than later. Any opinions?
Powercord is important depending on length and current it needs to drow from the wall socket. If you intend to use a long powercord you should take a thicker gauge

If you take care of what's inside the wall and wall sockets you may find little-to no differences with properly selected powercords.

A power conditioner is great if you have enough voltage i.e. 120..122V and assume a loss of voltage in conditioner by a couple of volts.
Amps are OK if input voltage is a-bit higher but "hate" lack of voltage and bring an unpleasant distortions.
So I'd rather think of PC later than sooner before certain things are taken care prior and maybe you won't need it after all.
If you can hear the difference, then it's important. I've tried about 20 or so PC's and some made a big difference, some didn't. System matching/synergy has to go hand in hand with what you want to hear.

Also, a cheap power strip/surge protector may do more harm than good. I'd suggest plugging directly into the wall to determine if there's any difference. Additionally, if you don't have dedicated lines and/or upgraded outlets, you might want to look into these.

Lastly, when you buy a PC, you may be surprised to find some of the lesser priced cords do a very good job, especially in the DIY area. I have two in my system & am very happy with them.
Dedicated lines will make bigger difference than any power cord upgrade. Improper power cord can damage your amp, this is why you will always get a cord that can pass enough current for your amp to last. Don't use cheap power strip, this could damage, or at least degrade your amp. If you can hear any difference a power cord change might make then go for it, It would be last on my list of upgrades but as always in audio, keep an open wallet. (I mean mind).
To wait to address any AC deficiencies (which we all have) is bass ackwards IMO. But then again, I don't use any power cables per se.

I would think theoretically, that if one properly addresses all electrical AC before purchasing any components would be the best way to go.

Any system capable of a certain caliber of sonic quality or better will benefit from an AC environment that has been properly addressed.

For example, assume one installs the following first:

o Dedicated circuits and lines from the service panel for each component with appropriate amperage.

o Aftermarket or custom 10 ga. 99.95% OFC house wiring for all lines.

o Quality-oriented audio-grade outlets for all dedicated lines.

o Quality-oriented line conditioners for each dedicated line. (Yes I am aware there are many inferior line conditioners).

Once the above is done, then no matter which components one purchase thereafter, one should hear close to or the very best each component is capable of producing.

Thus allowing one to make better informed decisions.

This methodology would not necessarily work best for those components whose mfg'ers have already attempted to suppress AC noise by altering/filtering certain offending frequencies instead of properly addressing the AC noise itself. For these components, a line conditioner may not benefit.

Stehno, very interesting theory that makes sense to me. Everyone seems to be saying "get all components first, then match cables." I understand this for IC's and speaker cable, but I question this for PC's. Problem is, I'll have to wait approximately six months before I get the new quicksilver mono's. I plan on upgrading the PC and putting in dedicated lines anyway. Why not do this before the final component purchase since I'm gonna do it anyway. That way I can enjoy the upgraded power supply sooner. Has anyone had synergy problems with PC's? Is matching PC's with components as critical as IC's and Speaker cable?
Do a search in the forums under cables( power cord) or amplifiers( Quicksilver) and see if you can find other owners of the Quicksilver monos. They would be good sources of recommendations for a good power cord. Power cords are so prolific nowadays that it is difficult to keep up with what is available, both good and bad. There are hundreds of threads on power cords. Take some time and sift them through. You'll learn a lot as I did from a lot of knowledgeable and "golden-eared" audiophiles.
In general I agree with Stehno’s theories. Once the power situation is cleaned up and proper, the power cord is of a lesser importance because it’s not needed to tune/color the component. Many Audiogon members don’t want to believe me when I tell them in my system I get the best bang for the buck by using Absolute Power Cords that have been correctly cryogenically treated. Although I do use other power cords, I’m looking to purchase used Absolutes at a good price; any of you have any you want to unload?

IMO, two major keys are clean power and room acoustics!
Mootsdude, please keep in mind that I do not use aftermarket power cables per se. I use dedicated in-line passive line conditioners for each component that just so happen to include their own built-in power cables. This is ideal for those with dedicated lines.

I see what others say about waiting until after one purchases their components or at least wait until later to take care of the power cables and/or electrical and I don't understand that logic for two simple reasons:

1. There is potentially no 'after purchasing' to speak of unless of course one dies. It is pretty natural to continue the upgrade process until that day comes. Or until one experiences hearing loss. In other words, there is no afterward for some to many. It's 'ongoing' and constantly changing.

2. If one were to wait until any selected later point-in-time, one simply is not able to enjoy the benefits NOW of an AC power environment that has been properly addressed.

Every electrical tweak I have, which are several, are entirely independent of any component/system I may own at a given time.

And lastly, I have difficulty understanding why people go thru great pains in order to attempt to 'match' a power cable to a specific component.

I would think that either the power cable provides benefit in and of itself, or perhaps somebody is trying to correct flaws found in either their equipment and/or power cable and they are attempting to find the best sonic compromise because of a shortcoming.


I know well of design of Quicksilvers you're about to get. The AC issues are all taken care of inside the unit and less-likely you will gain something going through the powercord game.

You're about to get the unit of one of the finest quality manufactured nowdays so worry less and it's OK with stock powercord unless you need to run larger distances thus you need to increase the gauge.

The stock cord 14AWG can be replaced with Digikey 10AWG dedicated audio powercord that costs a small fraction of all after-market audiophile ones but offers absolutely the same level of performance.