How important is it for you to attain a holographic image?

I’m wondering how many A’goners consider a holographic image a must for them to enjoy their systems?  Also, how many achieve this effect on a majority of recordings?
Is good soundstaging enough, or must a three dimensional image be attained in all cases.  Indeed, is it possible to always achieve it?

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Rvpiano, this tube sounds like a Mullard, and plays over it's price.

I believe NOS last longer. The decision has to be made as to how much of the price increase is due to rarity, as opposed to how good the tube sounds. You can get a lot of bang for the buck through tubes.

12AU7 RCA Cleartop (side getter),SPECIAL MATCHED PAIRS

New Old Stock Original Box and White Box. A great tube that rivals West Europe types, making it a great buy at this price. Some say the side getter contributes to the low microphonics of this tube. Wonderfully balanced airy highs, midrange warmth, and accurate bass. These pairs have been carefully hand selected for close dynamic mutual conductance on a Hickok 539A. I have sold dozens of pairs of these, and clients agree this tube is an incredible bargain among NOS tubes. Stock up now, this tube is vanishing from the market just like the Telefunken smoothplates!

$69.00 per pair
The cleartop RCA 12AU7 was made in abundance.  It was used in many electric organs in the 50's and 60's, often rebranded.  Great tube for cheap price.

fleschler, I didn't know they were in abundance; that explains the relatively cheap price. Since I have several pieces of equipment that can use them I will stock up.

We have a tendency to think more expensive things sound better; I needed a 12AU7 and found one that didn't have the brand on it; just 12AU7 made in the USA. I put it in and was shocked at how good it sounded, I believe it sounded as good as a NOS Mullard, which costs much more.

If we judge by the audio alone, as opposed to the name, we can save a lot of money.
Yes, and my large O getter and D getter Amperex 6DJ8s from the 50s were labeled Hewlitt Packard.  I bought them for $80/pair nearly NOS (measured new).  They are great tubes for the EAR Acute CD player.  Others prefer NOS old Siemens or pinch waist Amperex/Philips.  The latter tubes are a lot more expensive.  
@ orpheus10, yes there is a tendency to ubiquitously promote the idea that more expensive is necessarily better in all areas of life, not just audiophilia.

In my experience it's true but only to a point. I mean if someone can build a decent pair of speakers for $100 then what should we expect for $200, or $400, or $800 or even $1600 etc? I'd even argue that once you get past the optimum point of value you sometimes find the audio quality starting to rapidly decline as the manufacturer struggles to make their product sound unique - but usually in a worse way. I'm not sure if any loudspeaker sounds much better after about $4k, and that's buying new.

So I couldn't agree more that we should judge by the audio first and foremost, and only then decide if we wish to pay for extras such as fancy styling, product support, advertising, dealer markups etc.

Emotional satisfaction has obviously links with money, but once again, only to a point.