How important is 10 or 12 ohms to flea powered amp

I have been wanting to try flea powered amps in the 2- 3 watt catagory . I am aware that efficiency is needed ie. high sensitivity with a flat impiedance curve . But I would like to know how important a higher resistance is to the operation of these amps . Most of the affordable speakers , that I am aware of , do contain a sensitivity in the high 90's with a fairly flat impiedance curve but they all seem to be 8 ohm speakers . Will these be sufficient for my needs or should I be looking for 10 -12 ohm speakers ?

Thank You.
Depends on the amp, but I would guess that a vast majority of folks who run flea power amps run them with speakers less than 12 ohms (only because 8 ohm are most common). I run my 3 watt 2A3 amp with several pairs of 8 ohm speakers and they work great together. My amp has 8 ohm taps.
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I believe that generally speaking the higher the impedance load the more favorable it is for the tube amplifiers and likely more so for low power SETs. An 8 ohm load that`s reasonably flat should be no problem to drive. My speaker is a 14 ohm load and works effortlessly with my 8 watt 300b SET.