How I tamed digital glare.

For months I have been trying to eliminate digital glare in the my system, which showed up most noticably in the upper middle frequency vocal range, especially female vocals. I tamed some by replacing the stock fuse in my dac with HifiTuning Supreme Cu on the sage advice of Chris Van Haus of VH Audio, resulting in a significant improvement in tonal density, detail and clarity. So far, so good. Today I lightly dusted the laser lens in my CEC transport with a microfiber cloth and was astonished to discover a substantial improvement! And the laser lens and drive compartment appeared clean to begin with (in a smoke free environment). I tried cleaning contacts, swapping power cords and interconnects, rolling the tube in my MHDT dac, and so forth, but this simple protocol was more effective than any of those experiments. I suppose results may vary as every system is unique, but for me this simple tweak was revelatory: greater clarity and a signifcant reducton of hash. Wish I had thought of tt in the beginning; it would have saved me considerable time and frustration.
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Nonoise - thank you for the tip on High Fidelity MC 0.5 Power Conditioner! Have been running the ‘magnet’ in both of my systems for a week now - glare is gone at higher volumes and midrange detail is improved to the point of being striking.

Thanks again

tom8999, I can’t take full credit as others here who have gone before me have praised the MC-0.5. Only after awhile, when the dust has settled and folk like lowrider57 gave his impressions, that I thought I’d try it out.
This stuff is the real deal.

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