How hot is hot?

Looking at buying Cary 805 mono amps and Cary 98 preamp. Used to own Krell FPB300 and it ran hot. I wondered if anyone is familiar with how hot these two puppies get. I have no local dealer to check them out. Thanks.
I would equate each 300B tube in my amp (not a Cary) to the heat of a 40 watt light bulb when running at moderate levels. The small signal tubes seem to run even hotter and there is less surface area. I have owned other push pull amps in the past that were similar in this regard. You will require good ventilation for any tube amp to keep it in good operating condition.
i had an slp98 for a while, & while the tubes themselves got hot, they dint seem to give off an inordinate amount of heat. yust keep 'em out in the open...