How hot is First Watt?

I want a SET amp with around 20watts for Summer as my Lamm ML2.1 is just to warm for the weather. I wonder How hot are First Watt amps? cheers
The manuals for some or all of the First Watt models, which are available at the website, indicate power consumption in the list of specs. For example the SIT-2 (rated at 10 watts output per channel into 8 ohms) is indicated as consuming 200 watts. Since it is Class A, that power draw will be essentially constant regardless of the dynamics of the music.

So that amp will generate approximately as much heat as two 100 watt incandescent light bulbs.

-- Al
The F1 runs hot. After an hour of listening, I can keep my hand on the cover for a few seconds.
WOW, that is not good for Summer use then!