How hot are they ?

I currently have a push pull tube integrated amp that uses two
El34 tubes per channel . I find that the heat output is acceptable .
I would like to try a SET amp but am curious as to how much heat the tubes will emit compared to my present amp .
I am looking at integrated amps that use 211 , 300B or 845
power tubes in a DHT/SET circuit with tube rectification and one power tube per side .
Can anyone compare the heat output of these SET tubes to my EL34's ?

Thank you
I can't think of a tube that runs hotter than a 211/845. A single 300B will not run that much hotter than a pair of el34.

A pair of 300B in a typical class A circuit will draw about 100w of wall power, therefore, they will dissipate a similar amount of power in the form of heat. A push pull quad of el34 in class AB can require up to 100-150w of wall power, therefore, the heat output is not too far off the 300B. I would not be too concerned with a 300B and heat.
Very good Brf , much appreciated .

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