How hot are they ?

I currently operate an EL34 tube integrated amp with two power tubes per channel . I find the heat output acceptable .
I would like to investigate the world of SET integrated amps
and would like to know about the heat output of the various SET DHT tubes as compared to my present set up . In question are 300b , 211 & 845 tubes . I am guessing that there would only be one power tube per channel with this style of amp .
Can anyone speak to this situation ?

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Nobody can help me with this ?
If you ask that question over at Audio Asylum you should get an answer.
Just did thanks .
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All things being equal, SET amplifiers run hotter than typical EL34 integrateds, as they need to operate in Class A, whereas most of the former run Class A/B.

That said, you should not find a 300B objectionable. And, depending on how hot your particular amplifier is biased, it might even run cooler. The 211 and 845 normally throw a good bit of heat, though I once owned an 845 integrated, and did not find it bad in terms of heat. It did, however, have the most obnoxiously bright blue LED indicator I have encountered. You could guide ships through a stormy night with that thing. Eventually, I got the idea of covering it with a piece of electrical tape, which allowed me to then listen to the amp in peace.
For a SET or other amplifier operating in Class A the amount of heat generated will closely correspond to the AC power consumption of the amp.

For example the Cary CAD 300SEI is a stereo integrated amplifier employing one 300B per channel, and a total of three 6SN7 small signal tubes. It is specified as consuming 107 watts of AC power. So the heat generated will be similar to the heat generated by a 100 watt incandescent light bulb. 211 and 845 integrated amps, of course, will generate significantly more.

If the manufacturer's literature on a particular amp does not indicate AC power consumption, an email to them would hopefully provide an answer.

-- Al
Excellent info...thanks Trelja & Al . Especially like the AC consumption thing !
SO hot i cook eggs on mine!!
As Al mentioned above, the Cary CAD300SEI is great SET 300b integrated option, and I do not find it's heat output to really be any more/less then a typical tube based integrated.

****Cary dealer disclaimer***
Hope springs eternal Almarg ! I have emailed a retailer , for Melody products , as well as the manufacturer for Decware and received nothing in the past 3 days ! Must be a well kept design secret !?
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Thanks for all of everybody's help .