How has Pure Music been so greatly improved?

Channel D has recently greatly improved it Pure Music software from version 1.45 to 1.6 and then further to 1.61. Each has been a major improvement in sound. I have been using the further tweaks within the software of playing from memory rather than from the hard drive and using Hog that allows Pure Music to be the only application running on the computer.

You hear very deeply into the music with very low noise and great dynamics. With the 1.45 and 1.6 versions, I was able to switch quickly once or twice only to realize that 1.45 just could not compare. Just last night I went to 1.61 and sat there in disbelief that it was a further improvement.

Three recording were my primary focus. Holly Cole's It Happened One Night; Frank Sinatra with Count Basie at the Sands a SHM release; and a FIM Ultimate Disc, This is K2 Hd Sound. The Holly Cole release is a live recording. The sense of being at the concert is very real and the bass is very real and strong. Sinatra has a very real stage presence now, and the band is loud and present.

The two cuts I used on the K2 sampler are Touch and Canon in D. Touch uses chimes and bells with a bongo drummer. It was so much more percussive than before. Pacelbel's Canon in D by The All Star Percussion Ensemble is an imaging challenge with, of course, much percussion. Never have I heard such realism as with Pure Music 1.61.
What is the procedure for upgrading? I'm computer inept, and have found their site inobvious.


Jdoris, if you have an account, just select download and pick 1.61. You can also go to download to buy an account. I can tell you how to get Memory and HOG operating.


Go to their website and there is a big tab for "Download demo/ purchase." Click on that.

Toward the top of the next page is a link to " Click to Download Demo / Version Update (1.61)." Click on that.

I don't see how it could be any more obvious.

Terribly sorry Herman!! I didn't mean to put you out!! I know everyone here is busy.

Tbg: I may PM if I have trouble with Memory and HOG.


I noticed that you run Amarra as well. Have you compared PM 1.61 to Amarra 2? Have you tried "Play"? I have found that in the recent past I preferred Play to both A and PM sonically, but haven't compared them to 1.6x. The iTunes interface is much nicer though...
Doris, You come here for help... you get it... it consists of 3 mouse clicks... and you want to be a smart ass about it.

Sorry I wasted my time pointing out the obvious. I won't do so again.

4est, I do also have Amarra software, but I forgot my key to use it when I went to my summer home. I had already decided that Pure Music 1.40 was more to my tastes, however.

I will be going back to Texas next week and will once again be able to use Amarra. I haven't investigated whether Amarra has a new version as I could not download it if they had.
My apologies again, Herman. I agree that my question was a simpleminded one. And I mistakenly failed to read "I don't see how it could be any more obvious" in the helpful spirit you apparently intended it. John