How hard is it set up Paradigm Studio/100.

I want to upgrade my existing system and could use some advice from experienced Paradigm folks.. I have Marantz 8200 receiver and want to add studio 100's. I will be about 70% music (mostly jazz, soft rock and classical)- the rest HT. Any thoughts on whether the Marantz reciever can drive the 100's well enough? Secondly how sensitive are the 100's for placement. I have a 21x18 room so pretty big, but how far away from back and side walls do I have to place them? For you folks using the 100's.. How big is your room, and what do you drive it with? Since I can't afford to upgrade the receiver, would I be better of buying a Studio 60?
The Studio 100 are great and would be perfect for your room but they need at least 200 Watts coming from a high quality amp to really sing. I am not sure that the Marantz would do the job to get the most from the 100's. If you like good bass, I am not sure either that the 60's would be enough for your room size. Just my 2 cents...
(I own the 100's)
11x14 on the room. Reviewers say they are not fussy re. plaacement. I have only tried two set ups in my room, across and lengthwise. I do know they need some power. I have tried 150 watts-Hafler Transnova,250 watts-Acurus (a mainstay for awhile ) and the Sonograph at 200 watts per, which is current.You did not memtion the power on your receiver. Finally, I am not familiar with the Studio 60, so I can't comment. I can say I fell in love with the 100's the day I met them ( powered by Rotel then ) and I am still in a lasting relationship. Mine are the original version. I do have a friend with the big Denon AV receiver and he does very well with the 100's and matching surrounds. Good luck, and enjoy.
I have the 100's and have found them very forgiving on where they're placed; however, they do need power!

I have mine bi-wired to a Krell FPB600c.

I use Studio 60sin a 16x16x8 room as part of a 5.1 system. In stereo, they are quite capable of handling this room but I might(!) consider the 100s if the room were much larger. This is pure speculation, of course, since the room isn't larger and I have not even tried the 100s in it. My thought is that the Servo 15 sub, center and rears, used for 5.1 only so far, do make a difference in really big music.
I use the Studio 100 V2 in my HT setup and they are great. As others have noted, though, they are power hogs. I doubt that the receiver you describe will show them off to best advantage.

As to room placement, mine are about 40" out into the room (drivers to back wall) and about the same distance from side walls.

If your taste is 70% music then using a receiver won't do justice to you Pardigm 100. I'm using a Classe ssp25 and citation 7.1 to drive my Paradigm 100v2 and can't be happier. These speakers are power hogs.