how good signal cable?

For NAD T752 to Paradigm Studio Reference (60v2 and ccv2) I've had 3 people recommend Signal Cable. This stuff is quite cheap (their most expensive, shotgun biwire, is only around $150 for a brand new 10 foot pair). Is this cheaping out considering the quality of the speakers? Do I step up to something like Tara Labs Prime 1800 or something in that range (would go used), or is that paying too much? Thanks folks. -Dave
I have two systems; one uses VMPS RM30 ribbon monitors and the other Audio Physic Virgo IIs, both with more expensive electronics than you're running. I use SignalCable in both of them -- not because it's cheap, but because it performs at a high level. I'm pretty sure it'll be good enough for your system too. :)
Also look at Discovery. Both are great deals
The Signal will be 3x more expensive if they did glossy advertising. The Tara you mention doesn't seem to be anything special and looks to be 10x more expensive?

I know two people who run the Dali Euphonia M4 Speakers ($8K a pair) with Signal speaker cable. You have to find the cable that best suits your ears, but yes, they are that good.
I have not used the signal cable, I have used only Acoustic Zen Satori and Alpha Core m12 and I like the Alpha Core very much in my system and it is in the price range you are talking about. In addition, they are flat and tough and can be placed under carpets between doorways, etc. which can be important in certain applications. I have talked with Bob Lee at Acoustic Zen and he is an incredibly personable man and they aim to please. They are very different sounding and either might be good in your system.
I use the signal double run for the bass of my Proac Studios. And I use Aperature silver for the upper end. I tried the Signal bi-wired and really didn't enjoy the top end as much as I did with the silver. I bought the shotgun version so I just doubled it up on the bass connection. Cables differ greatly, so you never know what you will like. Signal does offer your money back for 30 days I think. So if you don't like it, send it back. I am on my 2nd week about with the copper cable. I am still deciding whether I want to keep it or not.
I have used their interconnects before and did not like them very much. But, a lot of people do. And it is just finding what you are looking for. All of their cables do seem well made. I have tried many different types and brands of interconnects and speaker cables. Even the $2000 kind. Didn't like them either. I guess I am a tough person to please. Well, Joe at Discovery has made me a very happy man. I am buying a new phono cable from him right now. I really like all of his stuff. You can get great deals with no frills just like you can with signal.
I've been on the cable-go-round for several months...maybe going on a year...and I recently put a pair of SignalCable Analog 2's back in my system from my CD player to preamp. All I listened to was the music. Wow! How refreshing is that? Nice, sweet highs and deep full bass (deeper than with Acoustic Zen Silver Reference in my system). Frank has a real winner in these cables. A stunningly good value that competes with cables costing 10x more.
Has anyone tried Signal's new silver cable?
I just sent back two pairs of Analog 2 interconnects in exchange for the silver resolution. I found the Analog 2's were almost identical in sound to the Linn I/C's that I presently own, which are more expensive. My speakers are the Studio 100 V3. Will give the silvers a try. I have not tried the speaker cable, but if the Silver I/C's work out, I may give the silver speaker cables a test. The Signal magic power cord is very good as well. Recommended.
Let us know how the Silver Resolutions sound in your system when you get them!