How good is your memory

How far back, based on your current system, can you recount the individual component replacements/additions? My shot:

Added a second Levinson sub 15
Replaced Martin Logan Depth subwoofer with Levinson LE-1 and sub 15
Replaced Levinson 380s with McIntosh C500-T
Replaced Levinson 360s and 390s with McIntosh MCD-500
Replaced Levinson 431 amp with 436 mono blocks
Replaced Levinson 383 integrated with 380s preamp and 431 amplifier
Replaced Martin Logan Summits with Revel Salons
Replaced Martin Logan Ascents with Summits
Replaced Martin Logan Ascents with Aerius
Replaced NAD preamp and NAD amp with Levinson 383

Beyond that it gets a bit has been a good journey.

I'm sorry, what was the question again?
Muzikat, I was going to post the same thing. LOL.
Let me sort back through my checkbook register for the past 10 years, then I'll get back to you :)
Actually, it is this type of question that makes me feel that I have a pretty sharp memory, and that getting older is not affecting me all that much. (I believe I can trace my line of equipment back pretty accurately to when I started on this audio merry-go-round back in 1980 or so.)

But then I try to remember what I had for breakfast this morning, and then it all comes crashing down upon me.
Oh well.
I started with a Wolensak 3M Tape recorder and added a Fisher Receiver model ???, Dual 1219 ( or was it a 1019) turntable and a pair of AR4X speakers. That was about 1967 or 68. Then, like 40+ years went past and... well click on my current system, which is almost up to date. In between were numerous components, speakers, cables, and moreover a heck of a lot of happy listening.
Waht gear has come and gone?

My main concern these days is the 'here after'. I merely go from one room to another around the house lately, and when I get to that other room, I gotta stop and ask myself what the hell I'm here after?

Try recalling your sixth grade classmates, if you want to check your memory. Or your current checking account... to the penny. or what you wore last Thurssday to work.

or your families birthdays... and or aneversaries.

those are more important than gear I no longer have.

Try remembering who you bought waht from and or sold what too, instead.... without peeking at your feedback.
Not very. That is why I have always kept an audio 'journal'. It is a must for newbies. That way memory is not necessary.
I still have most of what I started out with. I just relegate the older stuff to other rooms or to my daughters' bedrooms.
Optonica 3-piece system, dual 1257, rtr 100's
B&W DM330's-- replaced rtr's
Amfi dpl surround receiver --replaced optonicas
B&W Matrix 3's replaced the dm330's
Rotel cd965le
Denon avr 3803--replaced the amfi
Boston thx surrounds--replaced klh's
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