How good is the VSP labs Trans mos 150

I recently saw a TransMos 150 from VSP Labs. I was informed that these are great sounding amplifiers, actually sought after if one can find one. The owner has one unit in excellent condition. Like it was just out of the box. What is the reputation of this amplifier?

I have an Audio Research LS3& kef 104.2 speakers that I want to match with the TM 150.
I owned a VSP Labs power amp for a while some time ago. It, along with the rest of my equipment (turntables and speakers excepted) were lifted by burglars. I think mine was the top of the line 180 wpc channel called the "Gold Edition". Ran it with a PS Audio 4.6 and Thiel CS 3.5 speakers. I thought the sound was great. Would I think it to be so today? I really wonder. VSP have been out of business just about the same time I got mine. It was a transconductance amp somewhat like the Trans Nova in design and used MOSFETs as output devices. People talk about MOSFET fog, I have no idea why. The sound was said to rival that of tube amps in liquidity, but I think this was probably advertising hyperbole. You would have to pay very little money in buying it for it to be worth your while, I would think. It does not have the stuff of legends and classics like of the period, as for example, A Classé 25, early Krell, Threshold, ML amp or Arc tube amp. Very little money for a pristine example could serve you well
I had a "TransMos Gold," which was rated at 200 wpc... it had a big, warm sound. I bought mine about 1986, sold it a couple years ago. I liked it a lot, and I replaced it with a McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe. I used the VSP for 15 yrs, though by the time I sold it the power supply caps needed to be replaced, and with one channel running hotter than the other, the amp needed to be rebiased. The guy who bought it from me was very familiar with VSPs, had done some repair on other VSPs, and just found the problems to be typical for a VSP with that much use. Soundwise, the VSP certainly wasn't in the same league as the McCormack, but it was a notch above a B&K 442.
i have a vsp, serial no. 3. quit working when a touch of something spilled into/onto it. nobody in san diego knows anything about this amp. they won't touch it. all i know is it sounded GREAT when it was working. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!