how good is the sun audio sv2a3

I have a mac 240, jadis da60, mccormack dna.05 special edition and the sun audio sv 2A3. I do most of my listening now with the 3.5 watt sun audio in my 12 x 19 room. Speakers are montana 2, 90 db 4.2 ohm impedance. The amp is really that good with the kind of music I listen to- mostly vocals. Try norah jones (anyone of two cds) and find out what the 2A3 is capable of. Prepare to be surprised or probably this is already old news.
Sam Tellig has been saying that for years!
Glad you like the amp : )
With NOS tubes, they work wonder! Enjoy Sun Audio 2a3.
Excellent amplifiers.

Harvey Rosenberg(aka Dr. Gizmo) had been saying great things about Sun Audio SET amps for years, before he died.
I'm just getting around to building mine. I noticed from looking at the schematic that it appears that this amp runs the output tubes pretty hard. Anyone have any experience with how long NOS 2A3s last in this puppy? I am also planning to experiment with a parallel feed output topology. Have my order in with Kevin for a pair of Lundahl plate chokes gapped for 60ma. Having a problem trying to figure out where the Jensen parafeed caps will go. These suckers are BIG!
sun audio sv2a3 updated report. i purchased the grande 6 and the eh 2a3 tubes after reading sam tellig's review. waited patiently for the tubes and speaker for 4 weeks break-in period. it is hard to put in words the pleasure i derived from listening to this combo, not to mention that these set up did not cost me as much as my previous systems. is this the end for me? maybe, but we all say that. upgraditis healed. thanks you sam.
Just want to update that after trying so many pairs of amp, I really like Sun Audio 2a3, with NOS RCA tubes. They are VERY good.
Which speaker cable do you hook with your SV2A3? I just ordered one and waiting for it......!

I'm using Vons Schweikert Audio DB-99s. Also tried VR1s driven by the 2A3s. I am currently using a suped up Sun Audio design diy 2A3 that uses Tango trannies. Both speakers sound awesome with this amp. I did order a hotrodded Sun Audio 2A3 and will be picking it up hopefully next week.
sorry, misread the previous question adn thought you were asking what speakers I match the 2A3s with. Cables I will use are Audience Au24s (connected to a different system right now). At the present, I'm using Analysis Plus silver.
Thanks Ksroy. Do you feel using Analysis Plus silver is a little bright? Of course I'm not sure which preamp you're using. What I'll hook up with the SV2A3 is SP9 MKII and the speaker is the TAD TSM300, the small horn.
Not bright at all. My pre-amp is an ARC LS-16 using NOS Mullard and Telefunken 6922 tubes.
Has anyone tried the Sun Audio SVC-500 preamp with the SV2A3? Any comments would be very much appreciated.