How good is the Shunyata Venom Silver A/C outlet?

I thought my Wattgate A/C outlet was expensive, but I just saw a Venom A/C Outlet in the 2005 Musicdirect catalog listing for $195! Can this outlet really be that good? Thanks! Stan
I have no idea. Most of us hereabouts use the Porterports.
Now down to $99 on the Music Direct website, probably reflecting a lack of sales at $195. Essentially a cryoed Hubbell 5362 with rhodium/silver plated contacts. Whether the plating performs miracles, I don't know and I'm too cheap to find out. You could look at a non-plated cryoed 5362 from World Power/audioexcellence for half the price, or a cryoed 8300 HI (also unplated) from Takefive Audio for about $20 Cnd. or $17 U.S. (don't know how Gene does that price but he does!). Unless you have 20 amp equipment and/or lines, you're better off with the Hubbell 15 amp versions of the above receptacles (HBL 5262 and HBL 8200HI) in my opinion, but I don't think you'll find anyone selling cryoed versions of the 15 amp receptacles.

The Venom outlet is not a 5362. It is custom a manufactured outlet made exclusively for Shunyata by Hubbel. The outlet was specified to be designed with an oversized internal chassis, reducing heat at the AC contact points. One look at the enlarged back of the outlet should distinguish it as a unique product. All ferrous metals and carbon were removed from the design, and the outlet is then disassembled and plated with silver to lower contact impedance and rhodium to protect the silver from wear. We then treat all outlets in our own deep-immersion cryogenic tanks.

The original price was $195 because the initial order was for a sample assortment and not stock. Once there was a strong market established for them, we ordered large quantities, driving our price down and allowing us to cut the retail price in half.

Divining facts from ill informed opinion on internet forums is a challenge, indeed.


Grant Samuelsen
Shunyata Research
Grant: Neither the Shunyata website or the Music Direct website feature a view of the "enlarged back of the outlet". Perhaps you could direct us to such a view. In light of the fact that the Hubbell 5362 is already housed in an oversized "chassis" and contains little or no ferrous metal to start with, and that the front and side views of the receptacle appear identical to the 5362, perhaps you can understand my skepticism. It also seems a bit odd to me that a "custom manufactured outlet" would need to be "disassembled" to be plated; if it is indeed custom manufactured, surely it would be more cost effective to simply plate those plated parts before assembly and pass those cost savings on to the consumer, rather than build it, rip it apart, plate it and reassemble it?

Just an "ill informed opinion".
Why would I need to direct anyone to "such a view". The outlets are on the market and readily available for scrutiny by all. It is not our purpose to "prove" anything on the internet since this, and many other threads purpose is merely the continuation of irreconcilable, circular argument--aimed more at promoting linguistic superiority than truth. Anyone examining a 5362 next to the outlet made for us by Hubbel will readily be able to tell the difference. I am also confident that Hubbel will gladly describe the differences if asked.

The "disassembled" term was my fault. I am sure the outlets are plated prior to assembly, but again, you seem to be forming your reply as a means for "argument" or "exposure" rather than simple dialogue. If you are so invested in exposing some perceived untruth and you think we are only gilding a 5362, then by all means, contact Hubbel and post their reply. I in no way had intended to promote or color what is a legitimate, exclusive product. I am merely correcting your statements presented as fact, which are untrue.

If I am contacted regarding someone's misrepresentation of our products in a public forum, I will take the time to correct an opinion stated as fact. I apologize if you took offense to my "ill informed opinion" comments. My reply was not directed at your comments in particular, but more as an observation of the misinformation that is often stated as fact on this and many other forums.

That said, your recommendations of inexpensive outlets are solid, and I am sure most would perform exceedingly well. We refer many customers to the 5362's who might otherwise balk at spending $100.

There is no witchcraft or strong-arming involved here, people can try before they buy from any vendor we work with, so I'm not sure why this is anything more than a moot point. If your point is that great performing outlets can be had for less than a Venom outlet, then I agree whole-heartedly. If you are stating that Shunyata is misrepresenting, lying or "hyping" a product that is exclusive to our company, then I feel it necessary to state specifics.

Samuel, I think a good outlet is the most cost effective *device* in an audio/video system. I'm glad to know there's another choice in the market. Congratulations.

Now, we need Lak to test one of these in his system and write a review! Maybe Shunyata will send him one for evaluation and posting a review...

Larry, where are you?

"Well Oli, this is another fine mess that you've gotten me into." -Stan Laurel... It wasn't my intention to start a controversy of any kind. I'm interested in an exceptional A/C outlet for an amp that I plan on upgrading to in the next month or two. I was just wondering if anyone had tried this outlet, and yes at $195 this does seem expensive. As we all know, the Shunyata Hydra 8 and earlier Hydra models are top of the line power conditioners. Personally, I'd like to have one some day. The Shunyata Silver Venom A/C outlet is "used in all their Hydra models," according to Music Direct's 2005 catalog.(page 55)-I'm sure that this is a VERY good outlet. I talked to Shunyata Research's Caelin Gabriel about 5 years ago, concerning my Shunyata Black Mamba that I own. He was very knowledgeable, and very much the gentleman. He talked to me for over twenty minutes, over the phone, explaining his products, breakin, etc. I left that conversation very impressed. I think that their A/C outlet is probably exceptional, full of long hours of research and development, and competitive with the best out there. I was just wondering how it compared to other upper end outlets. Has anyone tried this outlet? Good Listening! Stan
Sorry! The correct quote is "Well Stanley, this is another fine mess that you've gotten me into."- Oliver Hardy..
I just ordered a Shunyata Venom Silver A/C outlet for $99. I'm going to A/B it with my Wattgate A/C outlet, after it's broken in. I plan to break it in for thirty days running in line with my freezer, and then using it on my cd player and amp. I hope it's as good as the rest of the Shunyata line.... PS- my new resolution-never post something, (my 01-22-05 post), just after working a 16 hour shift. Thanks all!
Hmmmm... I just installed my Shunyata Venom Silver A/C outlet inline with my freezer. The outlet is wide. Oversized, I guess. It's a Hubbell outlet alright. It came snuggly fit in a nice black, labeled box, which says, "Venom Silver Outlet- Shunyata Research, Inc." However, the oulet doesn't have any instructions/recommendations that came with it. It also doesn't have any markings on the face--- manufacturer name, star in bottom left corner (wattgate), or triangle in bottom left corner (JPS Labs). (I'm not sure what the bottom left markings indicate--electrical requirements probably) It's beefy, but generic looking. I plan to install it in my system in 30-45 days. I just thought I'd update this thread with some basic observations. Thanks for reading.
Grant went to the Robert of StarSound school of customer relations.
My request for more information on the receptacle from Hubbell has remained unanswered; perhaps it just went to the wrong person (the Hubbell "contact us" e-mail on the website). Here's an interesting site selling cryoed red Hubbell 5262's for $10.95 (that is a great price on that receptacle even un-cryoed if you can tolerate the red):

Might make for an interesting comparison. My educated guess is that the the unplated 5262 would sound a little more organic than the Shunyata, which should be a little more up front and have a perceived sense of more air and a bit more "exciting" presentation with the rhodium and silver plating.

Don't forget to switch the freezer plug over to the other half of your receptacle about halfway through the 45 days as both halves break in separately! Have fun!
Well, I just bought one a month ago. Hydra (original)version is connected to it. I could not tell any sonic differnece between venom outlet and $20 hubell outlet. My equipments are B&W 801, Wadia 861 and Aragon Palladium Mono. I did not make any comparison with the $1.29 standard outlet. So.. would I buy it? No. Would I use $1.29 outle? No. Go with $20. Spend the rest of the money to a dedicated 20 amp outlet.
Shunyata is redesigning the Venom outlet. I ordered one yesterday and they said it will be on back order till the newly redesigned one comes out. I have a Wattgate 381 installed for my amp which is a Theta Dreadnaught II. It made a big difference. It lowered the noisefloor and it sounds quicker, tighter and more musical. I wanted to try a Shunyata Venom to plug my Hydra 6 into. I guess I will patiently wait for the new Venon Outlet to come out. Though I could grow impatient and get another Wattgate. I wonder how the experiment in comparing the 2 outlets has turned out?


I was curious how that Venom outlet is working out for you in your system.
Hi Sherod, I had the old style Shunyata Venom Silver outlet. I sold it about 6 months ago and replaced it with another Wattgate 381. Presently, I have one Isoclean ICP-002J outlet for my sources and three Wattgate 381 outlets for my Pass Labs gear--(preamp and two monoblock amps). What I found, when used to feed my preamp, was that the Wattgate resolved better, was more extended at the frequency extremes, had better dynamics and was smoother. The Shunyata Venom Silver outlet was a little more musical with better texture, but the textured sound was slightly aggressive. In my system the Wattgates seem to work better. I am using an original Shunyata Hydra to feed my sources and I have a Shunyata Anaconda Alpha Helix powercord between my Isoclean outlet and the Hydra. I like Shunyata gear very much, but their outlet just didn't work that well in my system. Best wishes. Stan
Thanks for the update Stan. I'm curious what other outlets you tried. I've had the FIM 880 and am currently using Porter Ports with good results. I've never tried the Wattgates, but I might try one soon. I've also heard from other members that the new P&S MRI cryo'd outlets are very nice sounding.
Hi Sherod, The only other outlets that I have tried were a couple JPS Labs outlets. They were in my system for about 1 year. I found the JPS Labs outlets to be smooth with a slight tube-like sound, but it didn't resolve near as well as the Shunyata or Wattgate outlets. It was a little closed in at the frequency extremes also, but keep in mind that the JPS Labs outlet is a $40 outlet, while the other two outlets are 2-3 times that price. Take care. Stan