How good is the Resolution Opus CDP?

Living in Europe I hade to buy it "blind". Is it a TRUE GIANT KILLER?
Sold factory direct for 35000USD but because of that comparable to dealer sold CDP at twice the price like Wadia 861 or ML 390S?
Anyone compared it to those players or other really high end players?
see my review under the reviews section, digital.....
Good REview. Thanks. Any comment on the statment on the post above that Opus dont held resale value compared to ML gear?
holding a low resale value is absurd.... I have very rarely seen them used on Audiogon, and when they are there they usually go very fast depending on how it is priced (about 70-80% of retail).

A while back one appeared for about 2 hours then sold!

Quite frankly I would have paid $3000 for a mint used one if it had existed when I bought mine brand new!!!
Factory direct means they probably mark it up 30-40% on their own, so really a $2-2.5k cdp...which build quality-wise seems about right.
I've compared it to the Electrocompaniet EMC-1 Up. I have both; the Opus 21 is in a headphone system; the EMC-1 is in my main system. I've compared the Opus 21 in my main system and here's a summary of my thought...

The Opus 21 is more "organic" than the EMC-1. It's more dimensional. It gets my foot tapping. In the "listening from the next room" test, the Opus 21 sounds more real, more authentic to the instruments. I've also run the Opus 21 direct to my Mcintosh amp and compared this with running thru my Mcintosh preamp. Without the preamp it sounds even moer alive and detailed. But with the preamp it sounds more dynamic, more alive. i think I prefer using the preamp, but it's close.
Bud, If you had to choose to keep only one of your players would it be the Opus 21 or the EMC-1?