How good is the Red Rose Spirit system?

Also, how would it mate with a Meridian 508.24 CD player?

Any reliability problems?

Do you need the Red Rose speaker stands?
It's very good IMO. It tends to sound better at higher volume, and is a bit too boring at low volume.

Thee is a muddiness to the midbass that can add some life, but is definitely a coloration. Other than that, its flaws are mostly subtraction, not addition, and are ver liveable.

I think that there are better combo's of integrated and speakers for $2k, but this is competitive, you get the speaker cable thrown in (and it's not bad at all), and it's small and easily placed.

I have heard these on Red Rose stands (the taller ones, not the short angled ones), and I bought mine with different (demo) stands. Seems to be little or no difference, except obviously looks/matching.

I'd recommend it, given the caveats above. All in all, it plays music very well.

Hope this helps.

BTW, no problems at all so far....
Look at JungSons stuff here from China also:

I would not buy Chinese or fareast speakers ,but their electronics really looks intresting!
One "Chinese" speaker system that I respect a lot is Swan & Onix, off the site. The DESIGN I guess is done in conjunction with folks outside China. But they are beautiful looking. And I've owned Swan Diva's, and think they are great. I've only heard very good things about the Onix Rocket series as well.

In regards to their electronics, I 100% agree with Panny, some real intersting things there.