How good is the Outlaw 750 Amp?

I have read some excellent reviews of the Outlaw 750 amp. It seems though, that every review that I read always seems to relate the amp to its price, always something along the lines of it being as good as a $2000 amp. Yet, SGHT has rated the amp as AA, rating it as highly as amps costing $3000-$5000. In the world of audio, too many reviewers as wells as consumers seem to simply assume more expensive as being simply better. I am willing to be enough of a independant thinker to not make that assumption. I own B&W Nautilus speakers, using 804s as the front. How good is the Outlaw amp, and would I lose much by going with it over a Proceed AMP5, Bryston 9BST, B&K 7250 or Sunfire Cinema Grand.
I own a 750 for use in my HT system. I is a good amp and absolutely outstanding in its price range. The 750 does not double its power into 4ohms, and may occasionally lack some of the high current slam of more robust designs. I have heard most of the amps you mentioned and the only one I might prefer over the outlaw is the Proceed, and maybe the Bryston. Unless you are using some totally badass front end equipment, I don't think the Outlaw will compromise your HT experience.
I have a friend who has a Outlaw and is happy with it for his home theater but not his CD's or LP's. It is somewhat thin in the mid to low end and he prefers My Accusonic MDB650 5 channel which has a lush deep soundstage. It was somewhat more expensive but when you can't afford a dedicated sound room it can't be beat for enjoying your music as well a a slamming soundtrack.