How good is the Onkyo DX-7555?

I've read some very good reviews of this player and am wondering how it stacks up against other players I could buy used for around the Onkyo's $400 street price--the Rotel 1072, Music Hall 25.2, Rega Planet 2000. I'll be unable to hear any of them before buying, so I'm flying blind.

I'm looking for as "analog-like" a presentation as possible--which the Onkyo allegedly has--with smooth, non-fatiguing highs and the best possible resolution of micro- and macro-dynamic detail (the Onkyo may be lacking a little in the dynamics department). May use the player down the road as a transport with a better outboard DAC.

System consists of: Vandersteen 2ce Signature IIs, NAD C372 integrated, Sony Playstation One (current CD player, with which I've had some reliability problems though its sound is near my ideal), Signal Cable Magic Power cable, Tributaries silver interconnects and 12 G copper speaker cables. My listening is 50% jazz, 30% rock and indie rock, 20% classical. Thanks in advance!
I haven't heard Onkyo, but I doubt it will sound any more analog-like than your Sony PS1. I also use a PS1 as second CD player to complement my Unidisk from time to time, and it's distinctive NOS DAC sound is really seductive.
I have one (Onkyo DX-7555) and I am very happy with it. The sound is very natural and lifelike in my system. It is built like a tank and looks great too. No complaints here at all. I also use the NAD C372, NAD C162 and an old NAD 2200. I replaced a NAD CD player with the Onkyo and the Onkyo is far batter in my opinion. I have used nothing but NAD electronics for about 23 years but after having a couple problems with NAD CD players I decided to make a switch and I have no regrets so far with Onkyo.