How good is the linn av5103 as a 2 channel preamp?

I'm wondering if the Linn av5103 is really a great 2 channel preamp. Soundstaging, depth, dynamics,and transparency are important. Possibly replacing Audio Research ls16.I have a McCormack DNA1 RevA and a Cary 303/200CDP. Vandy 3Asigs are the speakers. Anyone with any experience with the Linn piece?
I've heard the 5103 against the ls16 head-to-head and definitely preferred the ls16. The AR had better depth and a wider soundstage, but the main difference was transparency. The ls16 was much more open. Dynamics was closer, still giving the AR the nod. It's not exactly a fair comparison since there are so many other things the 5103 does besides play 2 channel music. And you'd be hard-pressed to find anything better sounding for music that can also handle your DVDs than the 5103. But the ls16 was a clear winner to my ears. Only thing I've heard beat it was an Ayre K-5x.

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I love mine for HT and 2 Channel. I swqapped pre/pro's recently for 5.1 inputs and think I'll go back to the Linn, it just sounds so much better.

FWIW Linn used this as their reference piece until the Klimax Kontrol came out.