How good is the Lector CD player?

I have a friend that is so over the top,with satisfaction,that he is literally telling me to sell my Levinson 390s to buy this unit.I know it has gotten some good press,but doubt if I'm ready to sell my wonderful 390s,in favor of this unit.Any thoughts?Thanks.
Have your buddy send you his Lector to audition, prior to selling your 390's. Isn't that what friends are for? Also the packaging on the lector is top-notch, so he should have no excuse?
Sounds and looks OK for the price, but cannot compete with the big guys ( EMM, dCS, Zanden, Reimyo, APL mods to quote a few). Also there is an annoying "click" sound when press play , pause or skip.
Don't they have a "killer" model called the Hannibal?
I think you might turn into Hannibal on your friend, if you sold your 390's for a Lector?
Agree with Sychdeli and have heard the Hannibal. I'd look before leaping...
Isn't the Alphatop Signature CDP, the top-of-the-line CDP for Lector? I've never heard of Hannibal before...
How "Cerebral" do you think the Hannibal model sounds,and do you think there will be alot of "BUZZ" around this product,at the dinner table?
Certainly will Sirspeedy, here is who will be seated at the "head" of the table.


Oh! and don't forget to bring Farber beans and a nice Chianti.
Fava beans...
Just goes to show.........I don't know beans.
Quid pro quo, Albert. Quid pro quo.
I have heard the lector as my cousin has it and it is a good player,but his buddy said it smoked his audiomecca Mephisto and i had the mephisto that that is not true to me anyway.the Duevel to me smoked both of them.Try it if you can as you have a very good player and see what happens.Good Luck,Bob
Albert,don't even think about the Lector.It has "GOLD" trim!!!
The current issue of HiFi+ did a review and basically said you must listen to it. It is either lover or hate. I have to agree with the review as I heard it and was not all that captivated. Unless your Levinson demands replacement, I would take my time.
I've now owned the Lector and it is by far the most MUSICAL player I've yet heard. I had a Chord DAC64/Blu combo, it was just OK, very detailed but not musical and at over 12k just overpriced. The Lector has now let me forget about my next upgrade and I just enjoy listening to my CD collection. I heard the Lector angainst a Reimyo CDP and yes the Reimyo was a bit smoother but not by much and at almost 16K it should have blown away the didn't.
any other direct experience of listening Lector cd7 against more expensive units?
Did anyone compare it side by side to MarkLevinson 390s or Naim cdx2 or Aero Capitalo MkII?
Hey Y'all,

I had an opportunity to hear the Lector, which I owned, and the Audio Aero Capitole MkII and I felt the Audio Aero was better, but not by much. Considering the price difference between these two players I would have to choose the Lector. The Audio Aero was not $4000.00 better then my Lector. I think the Lector is a steal for the performance it brings to the table and I sometimes regret having sold mine. If you can, bring it home and listen to it, I don't think you will want to give it back........John
anyone else compared it directly with other much more expensive units?
I had the Lector and then bought a Stibbert and Droplet CDP. The Stibbert is in another class altogether, more open and transparent and just plain more musical. The Droplet is not as detailed as the Lector BUT is a more musical player IMO and it's less$$$$$. My only issue with the Lector (and I've said this 20 times now) is I found it a DARK sounding player.
Wait until your Stibbert breaks down.
Then you will really know what darkness is.
Audiobuzz... I know 6 other Lector owners all without one hiccup! Maybe in the past there was an issue with a unit or two but recently I've heard of not one problem. :-)
I enjoyed my Lector, again, it is a musical player but DARK sounding.
I would like to introduce myself as the new Importer/Distributor for Lector in the USA. Also to inform everyone that Lector has released the MK2 series of there entire product line. Please email me to request photo's of the new models. The changes and improvements are listed below,

* upgraded parts, resisters, capacitors
* upgraded wiring
* upgraded circuit designs
* new silent relays (no more "click" sound when you press play, pause or skip)
* new piano black acrylic side panels
* new displays

The new MK2 series are sonically superior to the original models, and have a more refined look. Since I am a stocking importer there are no long wait times to get these products.

Aaudio imports
Contact: Brian Ackerman
Phone: (949) 697-0672
Your "darkness" will occur when your Bluenote breaks.
I have nothing negative to say about Lector especially since they got rid of their old distributor.
I have owned the 7TL(recently sold the unit and ordered the NEW MK II version)
I also purchased a Stibbert about 9 months ago(early MK II version) and I truly have to say I could not own just 1 of them.
Both units do some incredible things.
I find the Stibbert to be more dynamic than the Lector,however,the Lector makes me feel like I'm listening to vinyl.
Some folks who grew up up in this digital world should throw an album on sometime soon and hear the life-like timbre of music again.
The Lector leans toward this flavor.
Warm,rich,involving,a wide soundstage with an effortless way of providing detail without ever being analytical.
I have tried and still have a slew of tubes that I have used
in both units.
The Stibbert seems to like the Siemens CCA tubes(have also used Amperex Pinch Waist, Amperex 6922 D-Getter's,to name a few.
The Stibbert has a deep clear soundstage that draws you into the music with fast and articulate speed and lower octave control.
The Lector uses a 12AT/ECC81 so your choices of premium tubes is a little more limited.
I enjoy using RCA 6201(Black plates),Mullard ECC81 "1962",
Valvo ECC81 "1962" and the RCA 12AT 7 (Black Plate which are easy to get).
I don't think you could go wrong with either of these fine players.
If the Lector 7TL MK II is even better than the original my choice between the 2 may be easier to make.
I unfortunately will not be able to now make the comparison
between the Lector MK II and my Bluenote Stibbert.
In Sept of 2006 the MK II version was to be available,however,I am not certain this player ever came to be.As of OCT 2006 there seems to a MK III already according to manufacturers website.
Regarding the prior availability and delay issue with the 7TL it appears this problem may still be around.
I paid for in full and placed an order in Sept and was told
that the unit would be re-stocked by the Distributor by the end of Sept.
As of the first of Nov. the units were not here in the US and I was given a refund.
I am still curious as to how the MK III player compares to the original unit and why the MK II version had such a short life span.
I am also curious as to how my Stibbert(latest model with all steel chassis,power supply,transport,etc) with the SoundFusion SF-60 suspension kit would have compared to the Lector.
Unfortunately,I may never know.
Just keep in mind that the perfomance you get with any cdp is system dependent. In one setup, depending on the player's synergy with that system it can sound awesome and in a different setup the same player can sound average or below. So much depends on the match of electronics and speakers with the player. So take everyone's, and I mean everyone's opinion about this player with that in mind. (with a huge grain of salt!!) The bottom line is how it will sound in your setup in your room. You won't know that until you have a listen. I have had very good gear here that just didn't sound good in my system- without careful matching of components you just can't get that optimum perfomance. Some of it is luck unless you know of proven systems and even then the room can muck up the works.
The previoos member is correct.
The sound and performance is system dependent.
I for one have had the opportunity to audition both the Lector and the Bluenote in my system.
I have a friend who owns the Stibbert and was very impressed with the sonics.
I brought my Lector 7TL over and we did some comparison listening.
In his system the Stibbert walked all over the Lector.
I was able to pry the Stibbert out of his hands for a week
and did some comparison listening in my system and found nearly the same results.
Better bottom end,soundstaging,effortless detail and the depth of field wasn't even close.
Going back to the Lector I found it flat and dark regardless of the tubes used.
Yes,it did take me forever to get my Lector and I am not surprised that member darealjaydee waited 2 months to just come up empty handed.
It just always seemed to be one excuse after another before I finally got my 7TL,however,I tolerated the wait and was satisfied once I had the 7tl in my system.
After hearing the Stibbert and having checked on the company's reputaion for availability I hope it will not take me as long to sell my Lector as it took to get it.
I say good thing member darealjaydee got his money back.
Go buy the Stibbert(they actually really make them)
WOW! sounds like Lector has a problem getting product over here.
The problem maybe with the distribution or customs.
At least people are getting their money back(hopefully in full)
I noticed in the thread that the Dist. jumped in and said he had stock on 10/06.
I guess this may have not been true after all.
I say buy a good established brand.
I do have to say that I now hear that the new Bluenote players have resolved all reliability issues,(except for their distributor)
I have been using the Ayre player with great results to date.
Ayre is right here in the US and is found in first tier audio shops.
If you're looking to buy a Lector you should think about buying one from Harry Pearson(Absolute Sound)
I believe he has inventory.
He seems to be one of the few that has no problem getting Lector products.( and reviews them well)
He actually commented in one of his reviews how the Lector went up in price after his initial review.
By his comments I sense this left a bad taste in his mouth regarding Lector distribution.
He has since reviewed the Bluenote Stibbert and compares it with the finest players presently out there at any price.
On this I must agree.
He must have a thing for Italians(cd players that is)
Regardless of how good the Lector is, in a reviewers eyes or with the general public,it makes me very apprehensive
about owning a Lector.Any buyers out there????
Lector ... through Artistic Audio Imports. Earlier this year there was a US importer/distributor problem, to put it mildly, but was named the new national distributor and things improved/settled down, or at least enough for me to receive my Lector finally ... after months of waiting. Hopefully the situation has remained stable, but I don't know this.

I picked up the MkII version of the 06T, not their top-of-the-line model, but certainly a very good player. I'm very pleased with it, and I suspect it will sound even better once I've put a couple of hundred hours on it. I was advised to leave it on 24/7 for additional sonic improvement, but I've not done that.

I'm not in a position to do an A/B comparison, but I've got to add that the Unico CDP that I bought/used while waiting for my Lector was also a very satisfying player, especially considering how little they cost. Not a big nostalgia aficionado, so not willing to question the satisfaction I have with the Lector. It's a very fine player ... and Brian at Venus Hi-Fi gave me a price a couldn't refuse (it was drop-shipped from aaudioimports once shipments reached the US)
Fanfare Int'l (Victor Goldstein) was the former distributor for Lector. Aaudio Imports is the distributor as of a few months ago and has been ordering product regularly, although demand has been high. As a dealer for Lector I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the CDP-7TL Mk III any day now, as are my customers wanting to audition and purchase it.
Still curious about the short or non life span of the 7TL MK II?
Maybe Essential Audio can offer some insight on the MK II and if they ever received one?
Considering they came out in August/Sept and seem to have been discontinued in Oct.
For a stocking distributor, two months seems to be at least for me, an unreasonable time to wait for a .06.
This may be why Venus Audio had to offer such a hard to refuse price on one.
The Mk II is user upgradable to Mk III by changing out a chip.
I'm back again to tell everyone that shipments of the Lector CDP-6 MK2 & CDP-7 MK3 are in transit to the US. The reason for the recent MK2 to MK3 update on the CDP-7 was due to the processor chip being discontinued. Anyone that owns the MK2 version of the CDP-7 can contact me for a free upgrade to the MK3 chipset.

I do apologize for any delay this may have caused. We have experienced very high demand for the Lector products and some of our shipments have sold out before they arrive, so we are now placing larger orders so that we can maintain a good working stock in the US.

Thank you, Brian

Aaudio imports
Contact: Brian Ackerman
Phone: (720) 851-2525
Yea Right!!!!!!
That's a new one
I think the Lector Distributor should do some research.
In an OCT. thread he describes the NEW MK II Lector 7TL and it's current availability,when as of SEPT. the Lector website describes the MK III version.
Do us folks in the US have to wait for a discontinued model?
I checked out the 7TL a while back and my Audiomeca Mephisto
was much more musical even though it is solid state.
Plus as much as Audiomeca is tough to get a hold of,it now soumds like Lector may be worse.
How does Lector do it??
In Sept according to the Distributor the Mk II was to be available.
In OCT it was a MK III(After only a month)
Just got my Music Direct catalog and believe it or not just in time for Holiday shopping is the NEW MK V version.
What happen to the MK IV ?
I compared my Bluenote Koala to a friends Lector CD-T7. Not even the MK II Lector. The Lector resolved much more natural harmonic detail and overall sounded more musical. Now that's not a fair comparison since the Koala has a $2500 MSRP. But I still like the Koala. It slayed a Shanling, Rega Apollo and Arcam CD Player in direct comparison. I look forward to hearing the new Lector MKIII.