How good is the krell fpb 700cx?

I am thinking of getting a used krell fpb 700cx, how good is it compared to the older fpb600? Is it a reliable amplifier? The unit i am looking at has the older white sticker on the transformer? Did they come out with this? Or all the fpb700cx released came out with the black sticker on the transformer, wonder if the unit i am looking at is an upgraded fpb600. But it has the newer faceplate, xls inputs only and a non detachable power chord.

Another thing, is this amplifier still up to par with the newer top notch amplifiers?

Call krell and give them the serial number, they can tell you the month and year it was made, along with telling you if the amp is an up- graded 600 or not, the answer to your question, Is the 700 better sounding than the 600?, Absolutely!, I own a modded brand new krell 700cx, just renewed inside and out by krell recently, and yes, my amp sound's better than the original 700cx, hope this helps, cheers.
In 2005, the 700cx was the Best solid state stereo amp money could buy, today, it's a whole lot better than most amps today.
It is a big bruiser of an amp at 81.6kg & is a bit of a room heater running at full tilt, whilst the power consumption is rather high running at 430 watts at idle! That said, it has a lot of nice class A power and will not sneeze at any load. One of the classics for sure.