How good is the Krell DVD Standard??

I have a Denon DVD-2930CI and run component video into my
TV. I am very pleased with the Denon's "Depth of field".
It's the best player I've found so far for depth of field.

I just bought a Krell 400xi Integrated amp so now I am
wondering if the Krell DVD Standard DVD player would be an
improvement over my current Denon 2930CI. I have a huge
500+ DVD collection so if the Krell is sharper with even
better "depth of field" then I would gladly step up to the
Krell Standard. (Plus it would match my Krell amp) If the
Denon is clearly better I may step up to the 3930CI..

I have a DVD standard and drive a runco front projector (DTV-940) on a 96" screen... in the day of analog projectors, the only better DVD player i ever saw was the Meridian 800. (looked at denon, Pioneer Elite, others..) I've seen them on here for as little as $1900. Since it also doubles as a great CD player...that seems like a steal since the original retail was $8k.

You should be aware that (at least mine) doesn't do well with ripped dvd's. Especially dual layer. I've never had an issue with the originals, but some of my backups do not play.
I've seen the DVD Standard and auditioned it for video several times; the video on that unit is gorgeous; you'd be in great shape if you picked one up. The Meridian 800 series, Ayre DVD, Esoteric DV-50s, UX-1 and P-03U units also have gorgeous video and are held in high esteem for their video/rendering quality. (I have owned the Esoteric DV-50s, UX-1 and currently own the P-03U; the video is great on all three units though the latter 2 are the better of the 3)

Several years ago, I owned a Denon 5910ci which was a great player. From what I've heard from friends who still utilize Denon they've advanced their DVD playback with more recent units even further in recent years.

With regards to Objective1's mention of dual-layer, I've had nothing but problems with Dual-Layer discs and avoid them. If you read some manufacturer's fine print, technical notes,'ll find that they warn customers away from the use of such non-standard thickness/profile discs.
My Denon 2930CI skips on 50% of my ripped DVDs (DVD+R)
so I'm used to that.. I wonder which format is easier
to read DVD-R or DVD+R ???

I wish someone would comment on how the Krell Standard DVD
holds up against today's players... IE: Denon 3930CI,
Denon 3800 Bluray, Esoteric, etc.. Someone has one of
these Krells at home and has tried out the newest players
to see how it stands up...????
By using Nordost Component video cable, Krell DVD Standard's picture has decent red, green, and yellow color that my Denon-5910 troubling catching up. The Krell DVD Standard would probably was considered one great player at its time but since it doesn't have HDMI I find that its picture is not as clear and sharp as my Denon-5910. If you don't care about 1080p picture quality then it's alright for movies and music concerts, I guess.
For 2-chanel listening, Krell DVD Standard sounds alright. People called it super details and that's a good thing but I'd called it bright. All of my music seems to move really fast and short. Yes, I can hear every notes of music almost clearly but I end up listening to my speakers/system the whole time rather than enjoying the music itself. I personally like my music soft, and slow; a romantic kind and the Standard does not fit in this catergory. The Standard will not play SACD or any burn CD/DVD. Denon, however, is a bit more friendlier in this department.
If you own a DVD Standard, you may not need any home protection such knife, fire arm weapon... you got its remote controller. It's heavily weighted so if you aim it right and pitch it correctly you def will take out/down the intruder with its, seems to be, steel or brush aluminum remote controller.
Also, have to be very careful when work behind any Krell products. Make sure its power is off and give it a moment long enough so all the capacitors be discharged. The Denon, again, is more reliable in this department.
To sum it up No, I would definately not paying $8K for it. Just like Nordost, Krell is a big name and it has the power to lure new audiophiles into it like a magnet. Its sound is very unique, very diff, very American. Unlike the "English sound" that I'm very much more into.... So, if you are happy with your KAV-400 intergrated Amp and your component video output, the Standard may fit you well.

Thanks for the reply.. Are you saying that the Krell
DVD Standard sounds "brighter" than the Denon 3930CI?

I don't use HDMI right now since I am using a Sony 36"
XBR Tube TV. (I think motion is so much faster with Tube
TVs) So my needs are for component video only.

Krell DVD Standards can be had for $1500 used so they
are not that expensive.

I was hoping to get a 1 box solution for DVD and Redbook.
From what you are saying it sounds like the Denon 3930CI
might be sharper for video and warmer for Redbook audio?
(I bet the Denon 3930CI&5910 are very close)
I only have the 5910 model and not 2930 or 3930 but their sound character shoul be familiar.

So, as for movies, the Standard has a cleaner and clearer sound but not by much. If I have to favor one it maybe the Standard.

As for 2-ch, is it brighter? well just to put me on the safe side, I would say that it's not gonna be any warmer than your 2930.

Since you are only using component video and a used Standard can be had for less than 2 grands, I urge you to go for it. NOT because the Standard will sound better but just so you would never have to wonder again. Krell is a big name and people will talk about it many and many time so owning one would be a great experience. However, you can always easily re-selling it.

What's my thought about the DVD Standard? Well, "It'ain't all that". I said the same thing when auditioned the Linn and the Burmaster but this little opinion of mine maybe invalid since I don't have a thousand dollars IC or speaker cables, or a pair of $20K-$50K speakers in my system to "appreciate" it ....

If you are only using video component, I doubt that the 3930 will have SHARPER image than the Standard . Yes, I think the 3930 will have warmer sound.

If you decide to get the Standard and thought it's too bright for you, shoot me an email, I will post up some affordable power cable and IC that will help tuning down its brightness.
One additional note that I must add on the Standard is that if you are getting silver color, its finishing is simply beautiful; very classy. Brushed aluminum all around while tiny funtional round buttons and 4 corners are chromed.
It's 25 lbs if I remmeber correctly but underneat the top chassy I found it was almost air inside. Very simple design... I mean, VERY.
However, it looks much better than the Showcase.

My system is starting to take shape..
I just bought a Krell SACD mk 3 to go with my 400xi.
The Redbook audio is F'n pronominal.. (with a capital F)

I tried to buy a used Denon 3930CI used but Fedex destroyed
it and it got call tagged back to the sender. I also bought
a used Krell DVD Showcase at a steal to try out against my
Denon 2930CI. I can resell it easily if it's not as good
on video. I still plan to buy a 3930CI and a Krell DVD
Standard to try out in my system. Buying used here on
Audiogon works great since I can always resell whatever
doesn't work out for me... And trying new things is where
all the fun comes in this hobby.. :-)

"...I just bought a Krell SACD mk 3 to go with my 400xi...I also bought a used Krell DVD Showcase "

Well? how do you like them, any updates?
The Krell DVD Showcase has me speechless on Redbook.
I like it better *overall* than my Krell SACD mk3.

The Krell SACD mk3 is most detailed but much of my
Classic Rock Collection plays too brightly on the Krell

The DVD Showcase is not nearly as detailed but it is
uber warm and musical.. I dare say it's the best Redbook
player I've had. All my Classic Rock music plays nicely.
The video quality is not as good as the Denon 2930CI.
More noise in the video and also "depth of field" is
lacking. I also notice that motion is not as smooth
as with the Denon. Still the Redbook alone makes the
Krell DVD Showcase a keeper for me. But to be clear,
the Denon 2930CI smokes the Krell DVD Showcase on video.

I ordered some warmish XLRs for the SACD Standard to see
if my opinion changes before I resell it. (I am using
RCA cables right now)

I will also buy a Krell DVD Standard when I find a steal
in "Black" just to see what it does for me.. I can always
resell it...

I also need to find another deal on a Denon 3930CI so I
can test that one out also... I love all the experimenting!
Tom, I'm just wondering if you're using factory AC power cable on the Krell?
Hey Tom..

i forgot to mention that the CD performance is significantly "sweeter" from the DVD standard through the balanced outputs...

there is a significant difference between those and the single ended outputs.. try that to your one balanced input on the 400xi.
Does the krell DVD standard still compare to today's hdmi DVD players by denon?

What outputs are you using with the krell. RGB would be the best I could use.