How good is the Koetsu Urushi cart?

How does it compare to the redwood signature and other models?
Lithojoe ,here is a link to a sight for a review and comparison by a hobiest.

good luck, he also reviews some other equipment.
Lithojoe did you check that site?
how did you like it,or had you already seen it?
just wondering
I personally like the Urushi very much. Its my dream cartridge upgrade. It has all the detail retrieval of the best, plus the special mids of the Koetsu range. Its also very dynamic, which adds to the sense of realism.
I just got mine today! It's my first Koetsu, but I can say that compared to the Benz Micro Ace HO I was using up until now it's far, far better! Straight out of the box I'm hearing details I never heard before on recordings I'm very familiar with (or so I thought). I suppose it should go without saying, but CD can't hold a candle to it. Not sure about SACD though since I haven't heard one yet.
You may also want to consider the Dynavector XV-1S. A magical cart. top to bottom.
Ditto Cmk. I am listening to Amon Tobin's "Out From Out Where" and the bass is thunderous, the highs are airy and the mids are very sweet. It doesn't get any better,and if it does, it's hard to imagine that major improvements are possible. And the dynamics...!