How good is the Esoteric p70/D70 to 0X-1, or other

Have been offerd on the net a P70/D70 at a good price.But I can´t listen to it befor buy. Anyone with experince with this combo? How good compared to the new 01-x or Remyo CDP 777 or other top fligth CDP?
ULF, I had the opportunity of auditioning both the Teac Esoteric X-01 and P70/D70 combos in a couple of different occasions.
For redbook performance they sound extremely similar in my view. I do consider them great players. My findings, and associated observations from a few other Agoners are found at:
In the post referred above I compared the x-01 against the Burmester 001 and the Bel Canto PL1-A. I liked the X-01 a great deal better than the other two.
The X-01's advantage is to be able to play also SACDs and not to need the 3 (three) digital interconnects required instead for the P70/D70 combo. Furthermore, it has been said that the X-01 has a slightly newer version of the VRDS transport than does the P70. Conversely, the advantage of the P70/D70 combo is to have a volume attenuator, so at least in theory, it will not require a linestage. I have however not listened to this player without a linestage.
Having said all of this, I am currently leaning towards a slightly different, or derived solution. Alex Peychev of APL-HIFI has based his upcoming ultimate player (NWO-1) on a heavily redesigned Esoteric UX-1, close kin of X-01, that among other things, will sport a tube output stage, extensive reclocking and a digital attenuator. The device is not complete yet, but promises to be amazingly interesting. A summary of this project can be found at:
Furthermore, a plethora of additional information on this project can be glimpsed on the APL forum site at:
As there are some indications that even the lower cost latest implementation APL 3910 may -- according to some -- already have bettered the mighty DCS stack (without external Verona clock) as discussed at:
I have reason to believe that the upcoming APL NWO-1 may end up to be quite. . . scrumptious!
Thanks for your very informative answer. It has helped me much!
Any idea of the price of APL NWO-1.

I have not seen a published price on the NWO-1 as yet. Your question would be best answered by Alex Peychev himself, either here on this thread, or on his 'ultimate player' thread on the APLHIFI forums, or even better via private eMail.
I have a p70/d70 combo connected directly to an Antileon Gryphon amplifier (and Sonus Faber Amati Homage speakers) and the sound is gorgeous. The sound is better (more resolution and wider soundstage) than using my Gryphon line amplifier.