How good is the Dodd battery powered preamp ?

I heard an early sample from Jan 07 and it was spooky with the superb s/n ratio and dead quiet background voices are Real and instruments have a nice woody tone ,or brassy real trumpet sound, and the Bass was very tight and fast. The review that was in 10 audio was a sample only running 2 of the 4 batterys all new models run 4 in series for unlimited current on demand , also the review sample provided from a dealer named in the review
is of little knowledge in electronics, the preamp had less than 60 hours on it ,therefore the teflon -Sonicaps were
not even close to be run in, no wonder the bass was a little shy .Wake up guys before you test any product make sure is has at least 200 hours on it to give the product a fair evaluation.

all four batteries don't run together
you run off two and the other two charge
you flip the switch (I do it daily)

great preamp
mine replaced an ARC LS 5 MK II

I love being off the grid
and the wood cabinets are gorgeous

great work by Gary in Texas
I will certainly vouch for the Dodd battery preamp as well. I have been through a ton of preamps (owned), heard a few others, and even tried running sources direct to amp; the Dodd has me entirely satisified to a point that I am no longer looking for "more"!

I think Pj has it right....the latest config does use all four batts at the same time, and the run time is really, really long (> 20hrs.), while the charge time is short.

Agree with 'tomb above, it is a great preamp, easily customized sonics depending on the tubes used.
Any new comments on the Dodd?
I think you have missed few posts that were in other threads.
I do not want to rewrite my thoughts in three different threads......but if you have a specific question, I will be happy to help and answer those for you.

Hi Maruisz, I'll look for the thread.;topicseen#new

I hope it makes it easier


Seems like you prefer the new Red Wine. Does make me pause to see what the consensus will be for their new preamp.

08-05-08: Pubul57
Seems like you prefer the new Red Wine. Does make me pause to see what the consensus will be for their new preamp
Forget about 'consensus', the 'consensus' in this hobby is that there's no 'consensus'.

Just buy the RWA and return it if you don't like it, you got nothing to lose. For the record, I do not own RWA product but I like their humble marketin strategy.
I do like the marketing strategy (30-day trial). Others that use it are Placette and BENT Audio.
Just ordered a new version of the Dodd, with four battery operation. We'll see. It will be interesting to compare with my "off-the-grid" Bent TAP w/autoformer.
Well Pubul57, like I have said already - it is a close call between the two. Is Isabella better? In short, I like them both. Dodd can (or used to be) be had for $2495 which makes it one of the best values that I know off. Isabella is IMO just a bit better when it comes to sound stage and imaging.
It is also voiced to sound more on the warmer, fluid but still detailed side. The biggest diference is in its buil-in Isabellina DAC which is just awesome. However with DAC option Isabella price jumps to 6K which is quite expensive and puts it in completly different price frame then Dodd.
If I had extra 6K, I would go with RWA and its build-in DAC.
Dodd on the other hand will give you 95% of the Isabella performance and with careful speaker placement, right tubes and some diffusion it will make you stop least for a while. I am planing to give RWA another try when my system will be at its 100% so I can ones again evaluate it and look closer into its bass performance which IMO was a bit more polite then Dodd.

TVC or Resistence preamp?
I will be interested in your commparison.
Give Dodd some time to burn-in its Sonicaps. Word on the street is that they need 500h or more but 100-200 should get you 95% there.

The "New" BENT is like a TVC but it uses a autoformer (by Slagle) instead of a transformer. I am very interested in comparing these two as I buy into the idea of being off the grid -- question is, is there an advantage to building additonal gain only to attentuate it. The BENT is outstanding and have chosen it after having CAT, LAMM, ARC, and Joule tube actives - so it certainly competes with some fine tube pres. I wonder if much of what I like is being off the grid (plus minimal parts and no ciruitry to build gain). Both my amps (Music Reference RM9 SE and the Atma-sphere M-60s are transparent/neutral types so I think I'll be rolling some Amperex or Mullards in the Dodd for just a touch of warmth, etc. I'll let you know when I get a few days with.
Sounds good
and keep us posted.

(I believe a lot of Dodd's or Isabella's performance has to do with excellent separation, low floor-noise and last but not least - pollutionless battery operation)

Any thoughts on teh Dodd vs. the line stage in a VAC Ren Mk2 (not Sig)?
I'm not sure if Maruisz has heard the VAC, I haven't, but I should be able to compare it with the Joule LA150 MKII, my most recent tube pre. I'm waiting for a pair of Amperex D-Getters (6dj8s or 6922s) from VTS before getting into comparisons. I suspect the circuit is very revelaing of the tubes in circuit.
Considering its cost, reputation and some limited but positive experience with their amps should be at least interesting.
I like Dodd........for 3K who wouldn't.
I am also interested in new RWA Isabella and will have it home for longer audition in few weeks. (My first impressions were very positive, especially the synergy with the build in DAC that just sounded fantastic - vinyl. It simply took my Droplet to the territory I did not knew existed least not in that price range.) The only thing stopping me from the purchase is the price ($5500 with NOS non-up sampling DAC)
but I am working on it. Very, very hard. ;)