How Good Is The DAC in An Opportunity UDP-205?

I just read an interesting forum post ( on the now inflated price of the Oppo UDP-205 universal player. In the post there was a reference to this review on the Oppo-UDP-205 DAC; I am intrigued by the references to the "Audiosciencereview" review of the Oppo UDP-205 DAC. I am not familiar with the three other DACs the Oppo is being compared with; Schiit Yggdrasil, RME-ADI-2 Pro and Topping DX7s. Anyone care to comment on the review or the overall performance of the Oppo 205 DAC? My interpretation is; the Oppo UDP-205 DAC is superb and extremely good value for money.

Not good enough to build nor maintain a bonfire for making s'more.

So just put it into an recycle bin on your community's recycle day.
It is good enough .You can pay more for dacs that might add , subtract from the signal . Which might be needed to get your  desired sound . Do not blame the dacs for not making your system sound the way you want . They are very easy to make to pass along a accurate signal . Heck the Audioquest Jitterbug things are tiny and pass along a accurate signal . 
Only issue is the remaining Oppo units are going for three times the original price since they are out of production. Expect to pay $3k
If you actually listen to music, the Ayre Codex sounds far better than the above.
It is very good.  DACs do not sound all that different from each other anyway.  I have compared the Oppo to Sony HAP1Z, Bryston DAC3, and Meridian 218.  Overall the Oppo was better than the Sony, it's a tie between the Meridian and the Oppo depending on what format being listened to - the Meridian is a musical DAC but not as smooth or detailed on Redbook, and the Bryston was about a tie with the Oppo, very much splitting hairs.  I think you have to have a very revealing system in an -excellent- room to get your money's worth from a DAC.