How good is the Benz Mrico LP-S and Ruby 3 really?

How many have tried the above 2 cartridges and find them to be preferable over other high end brands (please state brand/model)?

I like fast incisive, dynamic, good sound stage imaging sound. I am currently using a Ortofon Rondo-Bronze. On theory, I'd like to move up the Ortofon chain or onto a Lyra Skala or Titan, but they are out of my reach. However I can get a good deal on Benz Micro. Btw, what phono-stage does the Benz Micro go well with?

Forget about cartridges that only do well in only certain areas. I like an all-rounder! ;p

Your suggestions and opinions please, thank you!
I have the Rondo Bronze also. What don't you like about it? What does the rest of your system cocsists of?
I recently bought a Benz LP from the UK dealer who was offering a discount. I have'nt used many High end cartridges, but it is clearly the best I have had in my sydtem, precisely because it is a neutral all rounder. Good detail, soundstage, good stage depth, imaging and even across the frequency spectrum, with particularly good base. The main difference from the Zyx Airy 3 I had before was in drive and dynamics. It is just more musical, the Zyx is dull in comparison, neutral also, but with no drive to the sound. I loved the Koetsu Rosewood Signature I had before, but it certainly was'nt neutral. So I am more than happy with the LP.
Dear Hamburger: You can find and improve for what your Rondo in the MM Ortofon Line, Clearaudio or Nagaoka MM cartridges.

IMHO the MM alternative is a high quality performance on the same MC league.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Dear Smholl,
My set up is a Kuzma Stabi Reference TT and 4 point arm. I have the Rondo-Bronze for 3 years. It's a good all-rounder cart, but now I am itching for a better all rounder.

Dear David12,
What phono-stage do you partner with the Benz LP? Good to know you are enjoying it!

Dear Rauliruegas,
That's new info to me. Which MM do you think is "better" than the Rondo-Bronze or I should try out?

Thank you.
Hamburger I use a K&K audio phono stage, you can look at it on the companies website and search on Audiogon threads. I have been through countless stages and this is the best I have had in my system by a long way. That includes Tom Evans, Clearaudio reference. I recently arranged a phono stage shoot out at my house. The K&K was a clear winner. Very good value in kit or ready built form. I know Raul builds his own and he hates transformer based MC step ups and the K&K uses Lundahl transformer step ups, so he probably wo'nt approve.
david12, I have a K&K as well and remember Keith mentioning that his favorite cart was the Benz LP. Something that I will have to try when the time comes.
Dear Hamburger: I assume your phono stage can work with MM cartridges, right?.

If this is your case the first " factor " that we have to take in count is that in any phono stage the MM stage needs less " electronic steps " to work it due that the MM alternative needs less phono stage gain. This sole characteristics means that the cartridge signal pass for less " steps/veils " where in each of those steps the signal " suffer " a degradation. The cartridge signal in a MM cartridge always be a better quality signal ( everything the same ) and nearer to the recording. The MM signal does not have to pass through additional " gain stages " like Step up Trandformers like the MC ones.

Well, IMHO all this is an advantage that we can't dismiss.

You can try the Nagaoka MP-50 or 50 Super, Clearaudio Maestro or Ortofon 2M Black but there are other MM alternatives ( Music maker 3 ) that compete with almost any top LOMC cartridges like the ones you name it.
I think that is worth to try it, the MM alternative is almost " inexpensive " and the rewards are very good for say the least and in your anlog rig will perform great.

No, I' not against the LOMC ones I realy like it too, my point is that the MM ones are something to hear. Don't let that its low price " intimidate " to you.

Regards and enjoy the music.