How good is the ae3 djh?

May have a chance for an almost new hotrod version. Purchased less than three months ago. Individual wants $1250.00.
I have been seriously considering a tube pre to incorporate into a h/t system for some time.
The ae3 would connect to a Bryston 3bst for 2 channel.
Current 2 channel is squeezebox touch, Lite audio dac 60, Marantz 6006 surround receiver. Am hoping to bring the 2 channel experience to the next level.
More instrument seperation.
Defined soundstage fr to back, side to side.
Full rich sound.
I had a DJH for several years and loved it. It has a beautiful midrange with a classic Cary sound -- rich, lush, warm, yet balanced. It's transformer-coupled giving it great slam and a tight bottom end. It's rare to find a preamp in this price range that doesn't use capacitors for coupling. It was extremely fun to listen to.

I paired it with several different SS amps and never had any complaints or problems. I was using RCA 6SN7-GTB which had a fatter bottom end that I liked. It warmed things up and offered a beautiful soundstage. It should work well with your Bryston.

Are you aware that Upscale Audio sells it new for $1299. 1250 for a used unit seems high. They usually sell for $800-900 on the used market.
Thanks! Just what I was looking for.
Will check out upscale.