How good is Promitheus Audio Apollo Tube Preamp ?

Plan to purchase Promitheus Audio Apollo tube preamp. Heard it takes minimum 6 months to get it. Doge 8 LP, Auralic Taurus and AVA FET Valve CF preamps are also under consideration and they are readily available. Any thoughts on the sonic benefits of these four preamps? Is one better than the other and also better than my current preamp which is Sonic Frontiers SFL-2. Any help in this regard is appreciated

My audio system consists of Auratron quad amplified Pro Monitor II system, Auralic Vega DAC, SFL-2, Apple Mac mini, Lacie external SSD connected to Mac via Thunderbolt and Audirvana music player. All interconnects are Audioquest.

A lot of people don't seem to like SF's preamps, but I think they're pretty good. If at all possible, I would want to listen to any replacement first, to make sure its really better.

Also, I really don't trust companies that make you wait so long to get one of their products. As good as the product may be, such a long delay could mean that they don't know how to run a business. Companies like this go out all the time even though they make quality goods. Aesthetix, BAT, ARC, CJ and VAC, all make great preamps that are available.