How good is my amplification? Advice please.

I need help with my system. I am pretty sure the weakest link in my system is my Pre/Power combo. I was thinking about moving to a Bryston B60 but I like having the extra power. I am thinking that in the future I would like to upgrade to a Studio 100 or a pair of Totems (Hawk or Model 1)

My Current set up is:
Rega Planet 2000 CD Player
Linn Pretek Preamplifier
Bryston 3B Amplifier
Paradigm Studio 40 v2 Speaker
DMN Reason Interconnect
Audioquest Hyperlitz Speaker cable
Monster Power HTS-2600 AC filter

The 3B is an original, but I just went back to Bryston about 1 year ago and got new everything (Caps, Output tranistors, AC filter etc.... pretty much everything but the power supplies) and I must say that it sounds pretty good.

I found the Linn on ebay and it replaced a small passive preamp I was using (the passive did not have enought inputs). I found the Linn to have excellent musicallity, very dynamic. However compared the passive it could be a little more transparent and detailed.

Which is the weaker link in my amplification? The Linn or Bryston?
I like both pieces and they work well together, but if I stay Pre/Power which one goes first? This set up is not really doing anything wrong, its sins are that of omission, but I know that there is better out there. A Bryston B60 would drive my studio 40's but what about a pair of Studio 100's or totems?

One thing I do like is that my Linn has a phono stage and I am planning to hook my record player back up soon. (I just bought a house and now have room for it). I would however also like a headphone out for my Grado 225's for those late night listening sessions. I know I can an external headphone amp, but I have just been holding off and saving the money because I thought that my next (and probably final) amp could have headphone jack.

So any opinions are welcome. Oh and yes my budget is selling what I have and adding up to $500 per upgrade. IE. sell pre amp and add $500 or if I sell both I can only add about $500.

Thanks in advance.
The Linn is a weaker link than your Bryston. The B60 is a wonderful unit, and if you look hard you can find one with phono. It will have no problem driving the Studio 100's, but it won't drive the Totems well. Totems tend to be quite power hungry. A really nice combo that worked very well for me was a B60 with Soliloquy speakers. You may want to consider a used B60 with phono and a used pair of Soliloquy 5.0's or 5.3's. If you buy 5/0's (which I believe are sonically superior to the floorstanding 5.3), make sure you buy the stands.

I offer this advice as someone who currently runs both Bryston and Linn in 2 different systems.
get a bryston pre
I recently traded my Krell KRC-3 and KSA-50S (about $6300.00) in on a Musical Fidelity A308cr pre-amp and amp (about $6300.00).

I had the Krell's for ten years and thought they walked on water. I happened to hear the Musical Fidelity pieces and had to have them. I literally couldn't listen to the Krell's anymore because the high end was no longer the 'natural' high end (the drums and cymbals).

I've seen a lot of people not bash Musical Fidelity, but place it on a lower level than Krell, Rowland, Levinson. But I'm a full level up from where I was five months ago, and I've never had a second thought or regret.

The A308cr is 250 watts in 8 ohms and 400 into 4 ohms, so it ought to drive whatever you'd like.
Thanks for the responces so far,

What bryston pre would you recommend? I know some of the older Bryston equipment will not acommodate larger connectors which would pose a problem. When I sent my power amp back to bryston they had to re-drill the holes a little bigger so they could fit a Bullet Plug or WBT.

How would you rate a .5B for sound quality over a BP20?

Also if I were to go with newer equipment what do you think would be better?
A Bryston B60 or
BP20 and 3B-ST

I know the BP20/3B-ST would have more power but would it sound better and if so by how much?

So for my thoughts are the B60 probably offers more bang for my buck.

What are you guys thoughts?
both pres are good, but if you can afford the 20, it is indeed world class.
hello, i had the paradigm studio 60 and now usher 6381's. i have a denon pma-2000ivr which woke the 60's up. it's a great amp. do a search at audio asylum. it's rated at 80 watt/8 ohms and 160 watts/4 ohms. the original 2000r was placed in stereophile class c by sam tellig.
Hello Nickway. The speaker choice and the size of your new room should dictate your choice of amplification. More power is not always better.Case in point: The bryston 2b is far and away the best "sounding" amplifier in the entire bryston line-up if power requirements are not an issue.The amplification side of the B60 is actually the Bryston 2b.Mr Rbirke's recommendation for the b-60 with a phono stage is a sound one. Next to impossible to beat for the money. The 2b amplifier is sweet,articulate and always very engaging to listen to. Like most amplifiers,regardless of whether solid state or tube... the lower power amplifiers will generally win hands down in the sonics department. The B-60 has more than enough power[and then some] to drive the studio 100 in a typical home listening enviroment. It also comes with the best warranty and service support in the entire audio industry! Best of luck in your endevour.
Thanks Guys,

I am a very big fan of the B60. My major concern was a power issue with the 100's. I do love my 40's but it the v3 has sweeter treble and deeper bass than my 40's.

I will then move my 40's to a secondary system or rears on a HT.

I owned a B-60P for about 2 years, then upgraded to the 3B-ST and the new BP-20P with the upgraded power supply. It also has larger input and output jacks. More detail and more power with the new set-up. Also more money! But I like the ability to switch to different preamps and power amps. Sometimes I use my tubed Conrad-Johnson PV5 preamp with the 3B-ST power amp when playing vinyl. I love Bryston's customer service department and the duribility of their products.