How good is Monster 2.4 bi-wire?

I have a pair of Monster 2.4 bi-wire i got for around $250 on ebay last year. They were a huge improvement over my old cable. But i was wondering if i could do better for around the same price. Or should i start somewere else first. My system 2 adcom gfa-555mkII bridged mono, adcom gtp-450, marantz 6000ose cdp, b&w 602s2 and monster 1000i ic's. Any advise would be welcome. I want to upgrade, just don't were to start.

I think the Monster 2.4 Bi-wire is a under rated cable. I have heard them just in the last 30 days and I felt they were terrific. You did good at 250.00.
I have the same I.C.'s you have. I tried 2 pairs that a friend gave me to use (Tara Labs) don't know price or model but they BLEW the monsters I.C.s away. I can't suggest others as I am not that familiar myself with the different Interconnects that are available. I can say that with the Tara Labs it was like my system opened up and I was hearing music that I had not heard before. I would change the I.C.'s to start with and you will be impressed with the improvment.
Check the thread on audiogon ( Cables- Where to start ) a couple fellows gave some sites to check out which I think I will be doing the same.
It's OK but with Caroll Command wire from you can do even better.
I had a pair of these for quite a while and was very impressed with them. I am not typically a fan of Monster Cable, but they outdid themselves on these cables.

I upgraded to a pair of Purist Museaus bi-wires and have enjoyed them a lot too. They are much better, but the cost A LOT more! For what you spent, consider those M 2.4'S a steal. You don't need to go out and buy new cable since I doubt these are the weakest link in your system.
how much better if any are these than the monster 1.4s?
Well what do you guys think is my weakest link. I'm not sure where to begin. But i know i have to start. The upgrade bug is killing me

Tommy, you have a very nice system. The Monster is a very good cable and you won't really do better at the price you got them. Don't see any obvious weaknesses, but you can always upgrade your source components to good ends. Large gains in sound quality can always be gotten from paying careful attention to set-up and speaker/listener placement.
Thanks for the kind words onhwy61. I've been thinking of adding tubes somewhere in the chain. Maybe a tube cdp to smooth things out a bit.

i found it to be a excellent cable. i am not a monster cable fan ( ie mass market crap ). but this is a excellent cable as is the 2.2s single wire cable.

i use them with:

pse studio v mono blocs ( transparent)
arc ls-12 ( just sold )( transparent)
marantz sa-8260 ( a little warm)
xlo signiture 2.2 ( neutral)
alon II ( very revealing)

the 2.4s displaced a $2200 of tara in my system. i have tried many other cables in my system costing 3 to 4 times as much and i havent found them. i live in san diego,ca and harmonic tech and acoustic zen is right down the street).

if you are looking to upgrade, i would suggest:

phillips sa-963 sacd player ( start with the source) audible illusions / arc ls2bmkII pre-amp ( great preamps for the $$)
muse 160 stereo / muse mono's/pse studio v mono's ( these were all $2k to $3k amps that can be found for $500 to $700 that have clarity, imaging, transparency and will allow the musicality of your source and pre to come through ( the adcoms have no transparency in the mids and highs). they are also just as dynamic.

as far as interconnects - xlo type i or signiture 1 are very transparent and can be had for a resonable price. i found the cardas too warm with no image specificty ( from hexlink 5 to golden cross )also the tara decade and air 1 was a little to warm.

i think with the above system you will be surprised.

i have compared the phillips 963 to the sony sacd 555, 333, and 999 and the dodson 217 da and it blew it away. i went with the marantz because of the redbook playback. the sound quality you get for so little money is amazing.

hope that helps !!

I sold my 2.4's this year becouse my new speakers are not bi-wired. The price I paid was about the same and had no plans on selling them. The only thing monster makes that is any good. Try out some new I/C's. Some Audioquest Pythons are are great deal at the current $200 used.