how good is Dyna FM1?

I have a Dynaco FM1 which works fine but is pretty bloated sounding (probably needs tubes) how good will these sound stock?

Is it worth upgrading?

If so who should upgrade it?

It is a nice piece with brown and gold trim and someone told me it was the stereo version which I hope is true.



The stock FM1 is mono. The multiplex module will make it stereo: equal to an FM3. The FM3 was stereo from stock. You might be better off just "restoring" it to new--I don't know if anyone does any actual upgrades--at least anything beyond a better parts swap.
thanks Ezmeralda11

Nice web page and it gives me hope.

Hi Phil.
I seem to remember either Glass Audio or Audio Amateur having an article with some mods.
thanks cknabb I will check