How good is BAT vk-p3 phono card?

Can anybody tell any experience on vk-p3 phono preamp module with vk-3i/3ix/30?
What I've heard is that it would be as good as any separate phono preamps at $1000~1500.
Does it need a long break in time?
I've just listened to it on vk-30. While vk-30 linestage sounds fantastic, the phono did not sound as good. It was obviously inferior to my friend's Audio Electronics PH-1. The phono module is almost brand new, so I wonder if it needs more time to break in.

I had a VK300x with the P-3 module. It wasn't anything stellar. The cartridge loading was challenging as you had to solder pins on to ends of the resistors before inserting them on the board. I would argue the point that $1500 could buy you a better setup (used) than the BAT card. I now have an Aesthetix Rhea (used) $1600 and it smokes the BAT card easily.
I would not expect vk-p3 (now new at $750) as good as separate phonos at $1500 used. More appropriate comparision would be with phono preamps at $500~1000 used.
Yes, I've heard a lot about Aesthetix Rhea, but I think it is in the same league as vk-p10.
Your quote was " as good as any seperate $1000 - $1500. I didn't read any specification on new or used. I had an EAR 834P that would be equal to that of the P3. I also owned a Klyne 6 that was better than the P3. Much simpler/user friendly dip switched for changing loading, ect. It was $1100 used ....... I have not heard the P10. I'm sure it's a good piece. I hope this helps, a little!
Sorry for the confusion. I meant by new separates in the $1000~1500 price range, that's what I heard from BAT dealers/users.
I haven't listened to EAR 834P, but have read enough good about it. If P3 is comparable to the EAR, I guess it is better than I thought.
Thanks for your input.
Everyone will have an opinion on best within paramiters. If I were you I would nix the P3 and go for an EAR. you can always upgrade to a pair of Tele's over the stock tubes, up the road! The ear with good NOS tubes is hard to beat under a grand ............. Bill / Zenieth