How good is Accuphase DP-700 SACD/CD Player

I would appreciate if you can give me hands-on claims as to How Good is this New DP-700 SACD/CD Player from Accuphase?

Iam interested in this as well, especially in hearing from people who have done comparisons with the usual suspects from Esoteric and the like.
Florian Hassel
nobody using an Accuphase DP-700 here ?

I am interested in this as well like you boys, tomorrow I will listen this SACD/CD player.

Now I have Accuphase DP-500 at home, excelent cd player by the way.
But DP-700 is NOW maybe the best one box sacd/cd player, let's face it.

please be sure to report your findings concerning the dp-700.. I have also tried the dp-500 at home and found it incredible (however only after 3-4 days burn-in). Thanks!
Dp78 is a step up from DP500. More refinement, more articulate and more detailed.
I heard from a friend that DP700 is miles ahead of DP78, can just imagine Dp500 vs Dp700.
I think we all know that DP-700 is miles ahead - but we want to hear this and more from AN USER. Now - where's that User...
I have had it in my system for over two weeks. And before that - DP-78 and DP-500.

That was a part of mt "new CDP" quest. I have also tried the Krell 505, Naim CD555, EMM SE combo, MBL 1531 and ARC Ref CD-7.

I liked DP-700 and Ref CD 7 the best, although IN MY SYSTEM, which is all-ARC, CD-7 had a slight edge.

But you can't go wrong with DP-700, IMO. And its build quality is second to none in the biz - it actually reminds me of my neighbour's Bentley GT Speed.
Hi Elberoth2

That's an assurance for the Accuphase in the sonic & fit-n-finish departments. Thank you!! So, is it close to their flagship - 800/801 combo?

I have hade the DP-700 a couple of months. It is a very good player, and one of the best at its price point from my point of view. It replaced Cary 306 SACD which sounds like a cheap product in comparison. The Dp-700 is much more refined, has a precise and deep soundstage, much more liquid and analog sound. I have also compared it in my own system against Burmester 001 and the latest Burmester 069 reference player (both 2008 models). I found the Dp700 slightly better than the similar priced 001, but far behind the lot more expensive 069. I use my Dp700 for SACDs only as I now have the Burmester 069 for ultimate redbook playback.
The DP-700 is the best player that they have produced. It is only beaten by their new 900-901 and the soon to be release DP-720. It is better than the DP800-801 however. What make them sound so special is that the sound more like vinyl than digital but without the hiss. Something i should point out though is as standared it does sound softer and warmer than the 800-801 and not so open or detailed. You MUST conect the digital out to the digital in using their HS-Link cable. This transforms the play to a whole new level. I think this is because of the clocking. Without the cable the clocking is generated in the dac with the cable it comes from the transports own deticated master clock. This maybe the same for all of their players, if you have a digital in and out HS-link on your player try it!!