How good is a Wadia Reference 8 Transport?

I have a Mcintosh pre and power amp (C37 and MC2720 respectively), a Micromega CD player(over 10 yrs old)which i am now using as a transport with a Northstar 192 DAC, JM Lab Focal speakers. Am looking to buy a pair of speakers - perhaps B and W 730 and am evaluating transport options.
I like Rock, Blues and Western Classical Music
I have been using a Wadia 8 transport with a Wadia x64 dac for about the last ten years and enjoy and absolutely love it in combination with my Mcintosh C42/MC352.This combo has great synergy,and has a very involving relaxed/natural presentation.Your Micromega although a good player in its day,isn't in the same league as the Wadia.You will have much better bass definition and weight with more detail retrieval in all areas going with the Wadia.I have listened to alot of digital gear contemplating possible upgrades.Everything sounded different,but not better to my ears.The only exception being the gear from DCS,but at great expense.Your may also want to pose your concerns to Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound.He formerly worked at Wadia, and now upgrades their products and others.He's a very reputable person with excellent Wadia knowledge.I sent my model 8 to him a couple of years ago for a minor repair and calibration and it sounds better yet.
I had a Wadia 8 for a number of years and used it with several DACs. Have not compared it directly to any others transports past or present expect my current Mark Levinson Model 31. The ML #31 was significantly better in all areas especially resolution. You might also inquiry with Steve Huntley or Wadia about the current status/availability of the Wadia 8 TEAC transport mechanism before purchasing a Model 8. Re: I had to have mine replaced by Wadia. Steve, while at Wadia provided fantastic customer service on this issue, but the mechanism had been discountinued by TEAC and were very hard to find and that was in 1994. Not sure of the current status in finding such parts should you encounter such a problem?
hi thanks - sadly, i missed out- It got sold in the 24 hrs i took to get it. There is now an e bay sale on in the UK of a similar piece but i dont have the time to get into a pricing situation there. Will contact Steve Huntley and ask him if he has anything in Wadia in the 1300-2000 price range to sell in Transports