How good is a ModWright modified Sony DVP S9000ES

Just need feedback on how good is a Modwright fully modified Sony DVP S9000ES? Cost is tough at $1400 + shipping.

Thanks a lot.
Talk to a member who uses the moniker Scuba here at audiogon, he has a 9000es that has been modded(for a while now) and is very pleased with it- I haven't seen him post in a while so you may need to send him a private email. There are a few others here that have them modded by Dan Wright some have Stan Warren modded units but they all are VERY pleased with the improvements. Resale is the only real concern, most audiophiles want NOTHING to do with modded units(it is very difficult to tell what has been done and what hasn't been done) just make sure you keep your paper work. ~Tim
My question is why would anyone spend that kind of money ($1400, tough indeed!)to mod what is already an excellent player. One thing is for sure, you will never get your money out of it if you decide to sell it later on. If you really feel that it needs some improvement I'd suggest talking to Stan Warren. He will likely have a much more resonable cost to make what will in the end most likely be only subtle improvements.
Dan himself is a good source of opinion on this. He's straitforward about what his mods do and don't do. Check out the site Dan has a couple of his own comparisons of his own.