How good is a Mayware formula 4 tonearm ?

I am getting a Mayware Formula 4 tonearm which has been rewired with high quality cables internally for a decent sum. How good is this tonearm ? Can it be compared with tonearms costing about $1000-$1500 ?
I too am interested in the answer to this question, as I have a Luxman PD444 table fitted with two Mayware Formula 4 tonearms, and I am torn between setting it up for serious listening or just selling it. Knowing more about the quality of the Mayware is important either way.
The Mayware is an excellent tonearm for high compliance cartridges. It cannot be compared to arms in the 1-1.5K range as none of them have that low an effective mass, with the exception of the Morch arms with the lightest arm tubes. The Mayware is a good arm, which the market values correctly at around $300.00 to $400.00. So, it is roughly comparable to a Rega arm, while sounding completely different and working with different cartridges.

The club foot of the Mayware is the plastic holder for the anti-skate and cueing. The plastic gets brittle and cracks. I had one made out of metal to get around this.

All in all, if you intend to use very high compliance cartridges this is a fine arm. If you want to go in a different direction, look elsewhere.
I have the Mayware formula IV mated with a Denon DL-S1 on a Luxman PD121 (this is a Micro Seiki heavy aluminum plinth). I replaced the arm board with solid maple and swapped the mat with a copper one.

I have compared this with a Lenco rebuild with a VPI 12.5 - Denon DLS1. This is not a true A-B comparison, though, I am incredibly pleased with the Mayware. I didn't think it would compete with the Lenco combination. But the Mayware holds its own. Through complex passages, it has great clarity and reproduces the complex character of acoustic instruments (classical music). Vocal harmonies of the Mills Brothers are crystal clear and well focused. The voices sound like they are in the listening room.

I plan on replacing the tonearm wires and the headshell. But, for $300 it competes well above its price level. I would like to do a true comparison on the same Luxman table. Though, I don't feel the need.

I do not use the anti skate feature on the arm Mayware. I just let the weight sit on the right side with no stress on the thread.
Viridian and Redglobe - Thanks for your helpful comments. If I decide to keep the table, I now have more confidence that I would be pleased with the musical results. And if I decide to sell it, I now have a better idea for a reasonable selling price, both with and without the arms.
Many would kill for a TT with two Maywares .
Oh, it is quite interesting that this "hardly discussed" tonearm plays that well. I know someone who uses a Mayware with a Miyabi 47 cart and refuses to change the tonearm. Miyabi is no way a high compliance cart, still it just works!!
By the way, I am aware that Audio Note internal wiring is superb I dont think it makes sense to spend so much to rewire a $300 tonearm.
I loved using a mayware formula iv with a grado sonata for quite some time, I rewired it with cardas eliminating the din and it made a huge difference over stock. There is likely a reason we don't see them for sale too much.