How good are the Rega RP6 RCAconnectors?

I'm thinking of replacing them with some Furutech 126g RCAs. Would the replacement be an upgrade? Thanks
I don't know about the Rega or Furutech 126 connectors, but I was amazed at the improvement in sound when I substituted Eichmann bullet plugs on my Silver Audio phono cable.

The bullet plugs were the fairly low cost copper/gold plated version and they replaced more expensive silver WBT 0108 plugs. The latter are much more impressive looking.

In comparison the plastic shelled bullet plugs look like something from the $2 shop. The proof is in the listening and the bullet plugs had much more openness, clarity and dynamic liveliness. Having heard that improvement I went ahead and got some of Keith Eichmanns slightly redesigned Pure Harmony plugs. These use silver conductors. Even more airy highs/decays, spacious refinement and detail. Not very expensive either.

I'm a big believer in the low mass, minimum high quality conductor philosophy of the Eichmann and new WBT Nextgen connectors. Everywhere I've used them I hear improvements similar to mentioned above. I see those Furutech plugs use a traditional construction (though probably good materials). I'm betting the Eichmann plugs (or similar minimal conductor/contact design) would be superior.
For anyone with a Rega deck, I wold recommend upgrading the RCA connectors on it. I put on the Furutech 126(g) RCAs and made a notable difference (clearer signal with better depth and warmth).